Best Buy My HR Employee Portal

Best Buy employees can login to their Best Buy employee website online at  The online web portal allows employees to access their payroll and benefits information 24 hours a day 7 days a week bypassing their Human Resources department and independently viewing much of their HR file online.  The Best Buy HR portal is a convenience for employees as they can manage and monitor their company benefits, make changes to their personnel file, change their tax deductions, view their paystub, and more.

How to Login My HR Best Buy

My HR Best Buy requires employees to enter their login credentials which is basically their User name and Password.  First-time users of the site that do not have an established user name and password will need to communicate with their Supervisor or HR department for directions on setting up their login information.  Once you’ve successfully registered you will have access to the Best Buy Human Resources site from any computer or mobile device that has internet capabilities, including on the go via your smartphone.

Some of the features available to employees once logged in to BestBuy My HR is access to your some details of your HR file to make particular changes such as updating your address.  Employees can update their contact information, make changes to their benefits particularly doing the annual Open Enrollment time period, and review their company benefit plans.  Any questions an employee has about their benefits can first be researched through the HR portal for an answer before actually reaching out to the actual HR department for further assistance.

BestBuy My HR

The Best Buy HR Portal is organized for employees to easily navigate where they want to go.  There are 5 sections at the site where employees can click one of the subtitles of each section, login, and be directed to that particular topic area.  The sections are Alumni, Families, Prospective Employees, Employment Verification, and Contacts.  Each section lists various company benefit sub-topics for employees to easily find the information they are looking for.

Employees that experience any problems inside their account can always navigate to the Contacts section and find contact information for the HR Support Center, Customer Care Department, or Main Desk.

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