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Employees of Best Buy can take advantage of the learning opportunities from the company and its vendors at the formerly Best Buy Learning Lounge and now Best Buy Learning Network.  The Best Buy Learning Lounge website which was previously utilized at was moved on September 1, 2015 to the Best Buy Learning Network at  All of the training material that was available at BBY Learning Lounge is now available at BBY Learning Network.

Best Buy Learning Network

The Best Buy Learning Network ensures that employees are knowledgeable of all the products they have on their shelves to sell.  The product manufacturers assist in the Best Buy elearning process by delivering the product knowledge needed for BBY employees to effectively sell their products.  Inside the BBY Learning Network retail employees are privileged to a cutting edge learning environment that consists of interactive product information, media content, blog resources, message boards, social networks, and more.

On a monthly basis BBY employees are provided a certain amount of paid hours they can use to take courses inside the network.  The number of hours they are allotted is determined by the Store Managers and includes required training for their specific job or training for personal development.

Best Buy Learning Lounge

To access the BBY Learning Lounge employees will need to have a Username and Password that will be provided to them by their Manager.  After receiving this information they will be able to login to the elearning center from any computer, mobile device, or smartphone.  Mobile devices and smartphones enable employees to take courses and training while on the go.

As a perk for taking the training classes offered at the Best Buy Learning Network employees can earn discounts and win prizes by some of the brands that sell products at Best Buy.  There is a list of brands that are participating in the rewards program at the Best Buy Learning Lounge website.

The website the elearning center is located is

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