Login to Farmers Rewards Visa Credit Card Account

The Farmers Rewards Visa Credit Card Account Center is available for cardholders to utilize 7 days a week.  It is a free service that allows members to access their credit card account and check on their balance and make payments online.  The huge convenience of having online access to their account is members can login from their home computers or any mobile device with a web browser and internet access.  All of their account information is accessible 24 hours a day.

For cardholders who are not using Account Center they can easily get started by signing up under the First Time User link on the homepage of https://d.comenity.net/farmersrewardsvisa.com/.  After they’ve registered their account and created their username and password their account can be accessed anytime of the day.  Online users can enjoy the convenience of monitoring their account whenever they want without having to call a 1-800 number to speak with customer service whenever they have a question or need account information.

There are a lot of functions that each member can perform through their online access.  One of the primary functions is paying their bill online. Cardholders can setup their personal bank account for drafting and when their payment due date approaches simply pay their bill from their bank account.  It’s a quick and easy function that will post to their account the same day but may take a couple days to reflect on your bank account.  

Some cardholders are interested in setting up automatic payments which is available.  They can decide on a certain date each month for their payment to be made and it will automatically pay on that date through a bank draft.  Customers will also never need to call customer service to learn what their current account balance is.  Everytime they login to their account their account balance is one of the first bits of information displayed for them to see. 

Other functions cardholders will be able to do independently is make any changes to their personal profile in their account.  If there is a change of address or a name change users can have the option to edit their account and update that information.  They can also add authorized buyers to their account or issue a card for an authorized user.  If after having their account in good standing for some time a cardholder may want to ask for an increase in their card limit, there is a feature inside their account that will submit this request.

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