Midland Credit Management TCPA $15 Million Settlement

A settlement of $15 million has been reached in the class action lawsuit entitled In re:  Midland Credit Management, Inc. Telephone Consumer Protection Act Litigation, Case No.  11-MD-2286 MMA (MDD).  Litigants in the case believed consumer rights were violated under the Telephone Consumer Protection by Midland Credit Management via cell phone calls made between the period of November 2, 2006 and August 31, 2014 without the consumer’s consent.  

MCM is a 3rd party debt collector and was allegedly calling consumers on their cell phones without their consent in the interest of collecting debts using an automatic telephone dialing system or a prerecorded voice message.  Plaintiffs in this case (Christopher Robinson, Eduardo Tovar, Dave Scardina) recognized this type of calling as in violation of the TCPA while MCM denies any wrongdoing.

A settlement has been reached in this case between MCM and the defendants including members of the Class for $15 million.  Members of the Class were notified via postcard on how they can participate in the settlement process.  For other persons who did not receive a postcard notification but were called by MCM during the Class Period they can follow the same instructions as the postcard recipients to file a claim.  The deadline for filing a claim is April 12, 2016.

How to file a claim?

  • submit a claim online by visiting here 
  • call 1-888-557-3460
  • download a claim form from here and mail it back in

The award for participating in the class action is members with an outstanding balance with MCM will receive a divided portion of the $13 million debt forgiveness fund while members who have paid off their debts with MCM will receive a divided portion of the $2 million cash fund.

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