Norton Healthcare MyChart Electronic Medical Records

Norton Healthcare patients can utilize the MyChart electronic medical records website to securely access their patient information.  With the online service patients can actually view portions of their medical file and see exactly what their doctor’s see.  All that is required to use the service is an internet connection via a computer or mobile device.

To get started with the service patients will need to inquire with their healthcare provider to receive an activation code that is needed in the registration process.  After receiving this information patients can select the New User option on the MyChart homepage and complete the online registration. While registering there will be an option to create a username and password which will be used to logon to the site from here on.

Once you have access to the site you will be able to manage all of your medical information that is on file from your doctors.  All of the information inside your account is personalized for you to manage and review.   With MyChart you will be able to review your medical history, review details of your recent visits, review prescriptions, and receive any instructions left by your doctor.

The site is a great way for patients to communicate with their physicians.  Patients can correspond back and forth with their doctor’s office whenever they have questions.  With both the doctor and patient having access to patient records online through MyChart it is easier to ask specific questions and receive a detailed answer back.

There are so many other features that make the MyChart system very convenient for patients and helps to keep them in the know concerning their health.  If you haven’t begun using this service take advantage of everything it offers you today.



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