Photoview App link – Access Google Photos on Roku

Photoview App link – Access Google Photos on Roku

In this guide Roku users will learn how to access their Photo Albums stored on their Google Photo accounts using the website.  The site was created to make it easy for anyone to login to their Google accounts to view their pics and videos linked to their Roku device.

The Roku device will turn your pics into screensavers allowing for playback for years to come.  Your photos can be streamed directly to your Roku even when the device is not active.  

How do I use the Photo View App link?

If you are ready to get started syncing your Google Photos account to your Roku device follow this step by step guide for instruction:
  • Click the Link Device button
  • Select what email account you want to use
  • The website should say Link Successful if everything worked
  • On your Roku device your TV should display “Successfully Linked Account”
  • Click the Continue button

On the next screen you will have a few options to select from:

  • Shared Google Photos Albums
  • Google Photos Albums
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Settings

The Settings option allows users to setup some defaults or select additional Google accounts to sync with the Roku

Go through the settings to create the type of slide show you want to create on your Roku device, particularly with the screensaver option.  

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How to Enable PhotoView App Screensaver?

A built-in screensaver allows you to enjoy your photos while your TV is idle. From the Roku home menu:

  • Scroll to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Theme’
  • Select ‘Screensavers’
  • Select the PhotoView channel

Additional customizations can be made in the ‘Change screensaver settings’ menu.

How to Get Photo View App Support? 

If you are experiencing issues with the operation of the Photo View app you can check out the Support section of the to view all of the past and recent issues people have experienced which are documented in the Support section.  Just read through the section to see if you can find your problem and read the answers.

How to display videos on the Photo View screensaver?

A video cannot be displayed as a screensaver on Roku at this time

Why are images not showing in full UHD?

Roku supports 4K videos, but only displays images up to 1080p (FHD) resolution as of now. As a result, if you select UHD, you are likely not to see 4K quality. Even though Roku downsizes this option to 1080p, it still provides a better quality image. I hope a future upgrade to the Roku OS will change this.


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