Qualcomm Online Webmail for Employee Access

Qualcomm employees who want to stay connected to their company email when away from work can visit the Qualcomm MyMail online system.  The site is a convenience for employees as they can access their email and respond to them from any computer or mobile device that has internet capabilities.  Like most other email web portals you will need to enter your username and password to logon to the system.  Once you are logged on you will be able to respond to emails like you would as if you were at work.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection you may want to click the “Use the light version of Outlook Web App” just in case you are using a lower speed internet connection.   If you are perhaps using your smart phone or maybe you have DSL or dialup service, this option will better serve your needs.  It is especially designed for lower speed internet services just without some of the features that will slow down your email.  If you are connecting to your email with fast speed internet services then you won’t need to select the light version.

Having a web portal for employees to access to monitor their work emails is essential for most employers because there are always loose ends after you leave work that need to be tied up.  Employees can continue to collaborate among each other on projects or assignments via email while they’re at home.

For companies that do not have intranets or a strong social media presence the use of email by employees is the best way for employees to converse over company issues.  To logon to the Qualcomm email system please visit the link HERE.



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