Randstadworks – Login for Randstad Online Timesheet

Randstad temporary employees can utilize the Randstad Works website to monitor and manage all of their work assignments online.  The site allows employees to login and view their pay, benefit information, job assignments, note their availability, and more.  It’s an online service that simplifies and connects Randstad with their employees as well as with their client.  They can efficiently serve each other without the need for paperwork to track everything.

Employees can login to their online account at (www.randstadworks.com) using their username and password.  This information should be provided by your Randstad agent and if you do not have or have forgotten your login details check with them for assistance.  After successfully logging in to the site employees will have access to their e-timesheet that allows them to enter their hours worked.

From the site the client can review the employee’s hours worked and submit them electronically for payment via Randstad.  This process is simpler and more efficient than the old way of Randstad employees carrying around paper timesheets that need to be completed and signed by their supervisor then rushed back to the Randstad agent just in time for payroll processing.  There is no rush with entering hours as employees have 24 hours a day access to their online account.

Randstad Works is also used for employees to be informed of their next work assignment.  They can simply login to the system and be notified about potential work.  Employees can also note their availability for work inside their account as well.  Other functions of Randstad Works is employees can view and print out their paystub, update their direct deposit information, view their benefit info, and update their personal profile info.

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