ShadowHawk Military Grade Tactical Laser Saber Review

Survival gear has been a hot topic all year especially flashlights but this ShadowHawk Handheld Tactical Laser review will show you why people are taking notice of these units as well.

You’ve probably already seen plenty of advertisements for the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight on the internet this year.  It’s a durable super bright flashlight that many people just had to have.  A relative of the Shadowhawk flashlight is the Shadowhawk Tactical Laser Saber.  This item is gaining in popularity amongst preppers and people who love the outdoors.  It is called “the most powerful handheld laser in the world.”

Who is the Shadowhawk Military Grade Laser for?

The Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser is a powerful laser LED device that has multiple uses for different people.  It’s a big outdoors tool that can be used for camping, backpacking, survival kits, tool for your car, or for around your home.  It’s basically a device used for targeting or aiming to draw attention to an object.

On the closest competitor to the Shadowhawk Tactical Laser is Assassins Lasers Emerald Green V2 Laser Beam.  This is a handheld visible green beam as well and is a lot cheaper than the Shadowhawk.  Click to compare and see best pricing online.

Shadowhawk Handheld Laser Features

Green Laser Beam:  The green laser beam that is emitted according to the product’s website can be seen miles away.  It can be attached to your weapon as well.

Self Defense:  If you’re been attacked by someone this light if shone in their eyes will distract and disorient the provoker to leave.

Stargazing:  It is known that a green light is more visible and recognizable than a different colored light.  It’s perfect for gazing at the stars at night as the green beam can be seen pointing at the star in the sky.  It can also be attached to telescopes as well.

Fishing:  For night fisherman this laser is known to attract fish and can be used to lure them in the direction you want them to travel for catching.  It’s a useful bait for fishing.

Pet Play:  Pets love the Shadowhawk Laser if you’ve seen Youtube videos of cats/dogs being entertained by the green dot on the floor wondering where it came from and how to catch it.

Laser show:  If you’re putting on a laser show this laser saber can come in handy so you can point out objects for kids.

Other features:  The Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser is designed in the USA and is made of aircraft grade aluminum.  The bulb will last 5,000 hour lifetime.

Cost:  Customers can purchase 1 Shadowhawk Laser Beam at $69 or buy more than 1 and receive a discount.

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