– E13 UltiPro Login

Employers that use UltiPro for their payroll and benefit services can send their employee’s to (the UltiPro web portal) to access their online payroll/benefit information.  From the E13 Ultipro site employee’s can view all of their payroll data including their check stubs, hours worked, last paycheck, payroll history, and more.  The site is user-friendly and allows employee’s the opportunity to access their account from any internet capable device 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

E13 Ultipro Login

First-time personnel trying to logon to Ultipro will need to go through a one-time procedure for setting up your password following establishing three security questions.  Here’s a brief overview of how to successfully sign in to your account and begin accessing your paystub information.

The first step is to visit and enter your Ultipro User ID which is provided by your employer.  It should consist of your email address, preferably your work email address.  Your initial password for your first time logging in is your birthday in the following format:  MMDDYYY.

Select the LOGIN button and the next step is to create a new password.  The online system will ask you to enter your birthdate then ask you to create a brand new password.  The new password should be at least 8 characters long with at least one of the following characters included:  1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, or 1 special character from this list:  !@#$%^&*()_+-={}[]:;’”<>,.?/

The last step is to select 3 security questions from a list that is provided and enter the answers to those questions.  This process will ensure if you forget your password you can easily reset it by answering security questions.

Ultipro 13 Payroll/Benefits 

While logged in to the E13 Ultipro Sign On site employees can view virtually their entire payroll file including their past paystubs per pay period up to the current pay cycle.  They can see the year to date accumulated totals of their hours worked, regular and OT dollars worked/earned, gross/net pay, deduction totals, taxes totals, etc.  If an employee needs to see his pay history there is a Pay History tab that will break down each pay period they were paid.  You can click on the pay date you want to view.

Along with viewing payroll information via your Ultipro 13 login employee’s can also view their current benefits.  All of your benefit coverage including COBRA, 401k, medical, dental, and more benefit information is shared at the UltiPro web portal.  Under the Myself tab at the top left of the screen employee’s can select which topic they want to access.

Updating Information

Any available edits that employees need to make to their payroll or benefit information can also be performed inside the UltiPro platform.  Edits can be done to change or update your name, address, beneficiaries, 401k elections, W-4 tax status, make PTO requests, etc.  Any other pertinent changes may be grade-out and require supervision or the assistance of Human Resources but many basic changes are available for employees to do themselves.

Employee’s who have not started using the site should visit their HR department and receive their login details so they can begin monitoring their company information at their convenience.  The E13 Ultipro site is designed to give employee’s more control over their own personal file.



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