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Consumers that received a pre-approval offer in the mail for a First Premier Bank Credit Card can apply online at www.60secondpremier.com.  This offer is exclusively for those consumers that received the letter which comes with the 60secondpremier.com Confirmation number that is needed to begin the application process online.

A First Premier Bank Credit Card is designed for consumers, according to the credit rating score model, with poor to bad credit.  This is a chance for them to improve their credit history and rebuild their score.  You have been identified as a candidate that is already pre-approved for this particular credit card.  

Apply Online at 60secondpremier.com

At the www.60secondpremier.com pre-approved site you will need to enter the confirmation number that is highlighted on your approval letter into the appropriate box at the website. The number consists of 9 numbers and 4 letters.  After you’ve entered the confirmation number which is synced with some of your personal credit info that First Premier has on file, you will notice many of the entries on your application will pre-populate saving you time in the application process.  

After you’ve finished the 60 Second Premier application you’ll wait a minute or so to receive an instant online decision on your acceptance and see if you’re extended a credit line and card.  If you’re accepted you will receive notification on the screen.  Consumers that don’t receive an instant decision will have to check back in a few days because their application requires more time for approval.

After you’ve received your instant decision and extended your credit limit your credit card will be mailed out to your home for you to begin using.  Take the time to activate your card and also enroll into the First Premier Bankcard Services.  It’s a convenient service that allows you to sign on to your account online and monitor/manage your credit card account online versus relying on paper statements.

60SecondPremier – First Premier Bankcard Services

One of the benefits of becoming a First Premier Bank Platinum Mastercard account holder is through First Premier Bankcard online services each member can have access to their account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The online service secures your account via your login credentials (username and password) and you can use your home computer, smartphone, mobile device, or public computer to access your account securely.

The online service allows you to monitor all of your account activity including your recent and past transactions, current balance, credit limit, transaction history, available credit limit, online statements, etc.  Perhaps the biggest use of the First Premier Bankcard services is the option to pay your credit card bill online for free.  There are no charges associated with logging in to your account and making a payment.

It’s easy and simple to use and is a big help in managing your credit card finances.  You can login to your account as much as you want to and organize your finances with the information that is shown.  By enrolling in the service you will also have access to your FICO score so you can see how beneficial your new Platinum Mastercard is for increasing your credit score.

Highlights of the First Premier Bank Platinum Mastercard

  • Reports credit history to major credit agencies
  • $700 credit limit
  • $175 annual fee for the first year and $49 annually ever year afterwards
  • 36% annual percentage rate
  • Monthly service fee of $14.50 monthly after the first year
  • $6.00 cash advance fee
  • $35 late payment penalty fee
  • $35 return item fee

Other credit card offers with First Premier Bank are the First Premier Bank MasterCard with a $300 credit limit and the First Premier Bank Secured Credit Card with a $150 security deposit.  To learn more about the credit card opportunities available please visit www.60secondpremier.com.

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