Apply for The Build Credit Card

Apply for The Build Credit Card

Consumers that received an invitation to apply for the Build Mastercard can visit to complete the online application process.  If approved the Build Card comes with a $500 credit line and you’ll be able to manage your account info online through Card Servicing.

After receiving your invitation to apply for the Build Mastercard visit The Build Card Apply website and be prepared to enter your Offer Code, Application ID, Zip code, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.  Please refer to your invitation letter to retrieve your Offer Code and Application ID numbers.

Because you were pre-selected to apply for the Build Card some of your financial info has already been collected which will populate certain fields to help speed up the application process.  You will still need to enter your personal information such as salary, employer, whether you rent or own, etc.  After completing the application you will receive an instant decision on your acceptance and possibly extended a $500 credit line.

The Build Card Mastercard Review

The FS Build Card is designed for consumers that are looking to rebuild their credit or for individuals that desire to start building credit.  The card targets individuals with credit scores under 600 and for those with discrepancies in their credit history.  It’s an alternative for using pay day loans when you simply need a small loan or credit during a tight financial period.  This credit card is a viable option for responsible users who need a fresh start to increasing their credit score.

The Build Credit Card is an unsecured card that does not require a deposit.  It’s different from a secured credit card which requires a deposit before you can begin using it.  Secured credit cards are always a great option for consumers when in a credit building situation so you will need to weigh the odds before deciding which one to apply for.

Build Credit Card Highlights

Invitation Offer:  This card is only issued to consumers that have received an invitation to apply.

$500 Credit Line:  After completing the application and if your application is approved individuals will receive a $500 credit line.  It can be lower depending on your employment status or financial info.

Annual Fee:  There is a $72 annual fee attached to the card which is initially deducted from your $500 credit line for the first year then every year thereafter $6 is deducted monthly.

Account Setup Fee:  There is a one-time $53 set up fee that in addition to the $72 annual fee is deducted from your $500 credit line.  After deducting your annual fee and account set up fee your initial credit limit will be $375.

Additional Authorized User Card Fee:  If you’re interested in authorizing other users to your account the fee is $12 annually or $1 per month.

APR:  29.9% variable rate

Late/Returned Payment Fees:  up to $35

Over the Credit Limit Fee:  No fee

Foreign Transaction Fee:  No fee

Grace PeriodThere is no grace period on purchases or cash advances.  Interest is charged on the transaction date.

Online Account Management:  Cardholders can manage their account online 24 hours a day 7 days a week at  It typically takes up to 10 days to receive your new FS Build Mastercard but when you receive it you can activate your card at the Card Servicing website.

After activating enroll in the Online Account Management so you can begin managing your account online.

If you haven’t applied apply for the Build Credit Card by visiting

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