– Integrity Staffing PayStubs

Integrity Staffing Associate’s can view their current and past paystubs online at the TempWorks WebCenter.  The site also allows users the function to print out their W-2 form for tax filing purposes.  In order to utilize the site users will need to receive their first manual paycheck first before they are allowed to view their payroll information via the TempWorks WebCenter.  After the first paycheck has been received they can sign up for the service and begin logging in to their account anytime.

Users will need to create a User Name and Password to access their payroll account.  The first time accessing the site users will be able to sign on by using their last name plus the four digits of their Social Security Number as their User Name and the Password is the last six digits of their Social Security Number.  After logging in inside the account profile users will have an opportunity to change their login information to something they can better remember.

If you forget either part of your login credentials refer to the Forgot section of the site that will help you recover your User Name or Password.  If this feature doesn’t help you with the process then you will need to click the Contact Us link for additional assistance.

The Web Center is available for Associates 24 hours a day 7 days a week to view their payroll information.  It can be viewed from home or via any mobile device that has internet connectivity.  As long as you know your login info you can connect to your paystub online conveniently online.

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