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Supervisors and Managers can access their employees electronic time cards online at which is the ADP ezLabor Manager website.  At the ez Labor Manager site Supervisors can login to their company department account and view/approve their employees working hours, attendance, working schedule, pay information, and create reports.

ADP EZLabor Manager

ADP EZLabor Portal

For first time users of the site there are special instructions to help you get started.  First time users will need to go to ADP EZLabor Portal.  At the site you will need to enter your company code or Client Name then hit Submit.  After hitting Submit you will be taken to the actual login page where you’ll need to enter your User ID and Password.

Your User ID will be the first letter of your first name and your complete last name.  All letters will need to be entered in lower case letters.  You should already know your password which should’ve been provided by your HR/Payroll Department.  The next step is to click the Enter button which will afterwards prompt you to create a new password.

ADP EZLabor Manager

Once you are successfully logged into ADP EZLabor Manager you can begin to navigate your account.  To review your department timecards select the Group Labor tab at the top of the screen.  Inside Group Labor is Timecard Manager which allows you to review and approve all employee timecards in your department.

Under the Schedules tab Supervisors can review their employee schedules for the current pay week to monitor when their employees are scheduled for work.  Inside the Schedules tab Supervisors can also create their employee work schedules for the upcoming pay period.

Under the My Employees tab the Benefits tab details the dates of all yearly holidays including any accrued benefits each employee has such as personal time, sick time, or vacation time.  Each employee’s balance is tracked and when they’ve scheduled to use those company benefits.

Inside Workforce Elabor Supervisors also have a list of reports available to them which can be printed out if necessary.  Reports can be run for the present and past pay periods.  Just pick your desired report from the list available.

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