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The Herzing University Student Portal is an online destination for Herzing University Students to login and access their university account.  Students can login to the portal at  https://portal.herzing.edu/secure/Student/loginstu.aspx.  All of the information available for students is safe and secure to view online.  Students will need to enter their login credentials (username and password) to access their online student files.

Some of the main uses of the Herzing Student Portal is students can login to their account and view their grades from all of their classes.  Their test grades along with their semester grades are recorded there to view.  Students can also view and print out their unofficial transcripts which they can monitor through their online account.  They can view their current gpa and semester credits earned.

Students can also communicate with staff and faculty from inside their account at https://portal.herzing.edu/secure/Student/loginstu.aspx.  Any necessary documents they need to send to staff can be uploaded to their account and submitted directly to the person intended.  These are only a few small features associated with the Herzing University Portal.

Herzing students can also visit the Student Logins page at https://www.herzing.edu/student/services which is a starting place for many students to be directed to certain online services the university offers.  From the Student Logins page students can visit the university blackboard, payment center, student portal, bookstore, transcript request service, and university email.

All online services are available to students 24 hours a day 7 days a week to access.  Students can login to each service from their home computer or mobile devices.  They can also access their online accounts while on the go with their smartphones.

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