Medicreditcorp – Pay Medicredit Collections

Customers that have received a letter in the mail from Medicredit Corporation concerning past due debts or unresolved accounts from your creditors can make a payment on those debts by visiting  The site is specifically for making online payments and is safe and secure to use.  Customers can use their credit card to submit a payment or use electronic draft from their personal bank account.

Pay Medicredit Collections

The Medicredit Collections website is available for customers to use 24 hours a day at  To successfully submit a payment users will need to enter their account number, name, last 4 digits of their social security number, telephone number, and date of birth.  Entering in this information will verify your account and show your unresolved debt including the creditor where the debt transferred from.

Your online account will show the creditor’s name, your old account number, the date of service that services were performed on you, and the total balance owed.  If you are in agreement with the debt then you can easily make a one-time payment online to completely resolve the debt.  There is also the option of speaking with a Medicredit Customer Service Representative to discuss payment arrangements.  The Medicredit bill pay phone number to call and speak with a representative is 1-800-823-2318.

Customers can also elect to submit a payment in to Medicredit Corporation by Moneygram, telephone, or by mail.  There is an invoice attached to the letter you received which can be sent back with a check or your credit card payment information.  Payments made by telephone are restricted during the hours of 8am and 8pm Monday – Thursday, 8am and 5pm Friday, and 9am and 1pm on Saturday.  The times are all Central Standard time.