Allegis Marketplace – Login and Register For Benefits

Employees can access their healthcare benefits online and make changes during Open Enrollment at  The 2019 Allegis Group Benefits Open Enrollment period is near and employees can visit the Allegis website to make changes during their company’s Open Enrollment period.

How to Access Allegis Marketplace

If this is your first time utilize the marketplace the very first step you want to consider is registering for an online account.

Users that have questions about the website or need assistance can call 1-866-886-9798 or email

For users that are familiar with how they website and they have already registered they can simply follow these Allegis Group login steps:

If you have forgotten your username or password under the Login and Register Now buttons click the Click here link for Forgot username and password.

From inside your account you can review your personal benefits record (including coverage, dependents, and costs), find details about all the available plans so you can choose benefits that will work best for you and your family.

If you do not have internet access you can submit a paper application that can be obtained by your local office.  Your enrollment form can also be faxed to the Benefits Department at 1-410-785-1637.

Allegis Marketplace Details

The Allegis Marketplace is the online health insurance portal for 4 companies – Marketsource, Aerotek, Teksystems, and Major, Lindsey & Africa.  The site allows users to enroll in a new health insurance plan or add any additional plans to your current health insurance coverage. Here are some other details it covers:

allegis marketplace

  • May enroll in coverage for yourself, your spouse, your registered domestic partner, and your dependent children
  • Make any changes to your current elections including change coverage level, add or drop dependents covered, or waive coverage for 2019
  • Shop from a variety of plan designs to personalize a plan that best meets your needs
  • Verify your current mailing and email addresses on file
  • Ensure you have the appropriate dependents listed for each benefit
  • Confirm or update your life and or AD&D insurance beneficiaries

During the Open Enrollment time period which is the only time of the year employees can add, drop, or change benefits unless you experience a qualifying event.  

For Aerotek employees the 2019 Open Enrollment schedule is between October 29, 2018 and November 18, 2018.

If you are currently enrolled in benefits through Allegis Group and wish to keep your current benefit elections for 2019 no action is required during Open Enrollment.

Refer to newsletter you received in the mail to assist you with making important decisions regarding your benefits during Open Enrollment


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