How to Apply for the Citi Diamond Preferred Card at Card is the online application site for Citi Diamond Preferred credit card customers to submit their application. This site is designed to make the application process as simple and straightforward as possible. Customers can easily fill out the application form, which includes questions about their personal information, financial history, and credit score.

Once the form is completed, customers can submit it to Citi for review. Citi will then assess the information provided and decide whether or not to approve the credit card. They will also consider the customer’s credit score, which is a numerical representation of their creditworthiness.

In this guide you will learn more about the Citi Love Diamond Preferred credit card before you apply to be sure it’s the right credit card for you.

What is the Citi Diamond Preferred Card?

Whether you are looking to improve your credit score, get a card for debt consolidation, or save a few bucks on interest, the Citi Diamond Preferred Card could be just what you are looking for. The card has some perks that are worth looking into, including an introductory APR offer, special discounts, and more secure EMV chip technology. Credit cards can offer a variety of benefits to those who use them responsibly.

An introductory APR offer can be a great way to save money on interest payments, especially if you plan to make a large purchase or transfer a balance from another card. Special discounts can be a great way to save money, especially if you’re looking to make a big purchase.

Many credit cards offer discounts on specific items or services, such as travel, groceries, or gas. These discounts can range from a few percentage points to a significant amount of money off a purchase. Depending on the type of store, discounts may be offered for a variety of reasons, such as loyalty programs, special promotions, or even just because the store wants to reward its customers. However, you will need to have a plan before you apply for the card.

You must have good to excellent credit to qualify for the Citi Diamond Preferred Card. The credit limit will depend on your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and other factors.

How Good is the Citi Diamond Preferred Card?

The Citi Diamond Preferred credit card offers cardholders incentives starting with a 0% Intro APR for 21 months on balance transfers from date of first transfer and 0% Intro APR for 12 months on purchases from date of account opening. After that, the variable APR will be 16.74% – 27.49%, based on your creditworthiness. 

There is also no annual fee and any balance transfers are taxed at $5 or 5% of the amount of each credit card balance transfer, whichever is greater.  

Benefit Description
0% Intro APR on Purchases Offers an introductory 0% APR on purchases for a specified period after account opening, providing a grace period for new purchases without interest.
0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers Features an introductory 0% APR on balance transfers for a certain period, allowing cardholders to transfer and pay off existing high-interest credit card balances under more favorable terms.
No Annual Fee The card comes with no annual fee, reducing the cost of holding the card and making it a cost-effective option for users.
Citi Entertainment® Provides exclusive access to purchase tickets to thousands of events, including concerts, dining experiences, and sporting events through Citi Entertainment®.
24/7 Customer Service Offers round-the-clock customer service, providing cardholders with continuous support whenever needed.
Access to Citi® Identity Theft Solutions Grants access to specialized assistance in the event of identity theft, offering measures to help protect cardholders’ credit and identity.
Flexible Payment Options Allows cardholders to choose their payment due date, offering flexibility in managing their finances.
Worldwide Acceptance The card is accepted globally, making it a reliable option for international travel and purchases.

How to Visit to Apply Online

The fastest way to apply for this card is online through their application process. The process is simple and straightforward, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. All you need to do is fill out the online form with your personal information, such as your name, address, and date of birth. You’ll also need to provide your Social Security number, which is a unique identifier assigned to all US citizens and permanent residents.

This number is used to track your credit history, tax records, and other financial information. Additionally, you may be asked to provide additional information such as proof of income, such as pay stubs or W-2 forms, as well as bank statements, investment account records, and other financial documents. It is important to be prepared and have all of the necessary documents ready to present to the lender.

The fastest way to apply for this card is online through their application process:

  • Visit invitation number
  • Enter your 12 digit Citi love diamond preferred personal invitation code
  • Enter your last name
  • Click the Apply Now button

How Citi Love Diamond Preferred Personal Invitation Number Works

If you have received an invitation code for this credit card, you might be wondering what it is and how to use it.

An invitation code is a unique code that is sent to potential customers to apply for a credit card. It is usually sent via mail or email and is specific to the recipient. The invitation code is used to identify the person who received the offer and to ensure that they are eligible for the credit card.

To use the Citi Diamond Preferred invitation code, you will need to apply for the credit card online or by phone. During the application process, you will be asked to enter the invitation code. This will allow Citi to verify your eligibility for the credit card and to offer you any exclusive benefits or rewards that come with the invitation.

Complete the rest of the application process which will include entering the following info:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Cell number
  • Email address
  • Total annual income
  • Monthly mortgage/rent payment
  • Read terms
  • Click the Submit button invitation code

This is an instant approval process which should take a minute or so for acceptance.  If you are approved you will receive a credit limit and your card sent to your mailing address.

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How to Apply for Citi Diamond Preferred by Mail

If you’re interested in applying for the Citi Diamond Preferred Card, you don’t necessarily have to apply online. In fact, you can apply for the card by mail. If you received the Citi Diamond Preferred mailer just complete it and return otherwise follow these instructions:

  1. Get a paper application: The first step is to get a paper application. You can do this by calling Citi’s customer service line or by visiting a local branch.
  2. Fill out the application: Once you have the paper application, you’ll need to fill it out. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and provide all the required information.
  3. Mail the application: Once you’ve filled out the application, you’ll need to mail it to Citi. Make sure you double-check the mailing address and include any required documentation (such as proof of income).
  4. Wait for a response: After you’ve mailed the application, you’ll need to wait for a response from Citi. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

While applying for the Citi Diamond Preferred Card by mail may take a bit longer than applying online, it can be a good option for those who prefer to have a physical copy of their application or who don’t have reliable internet access.

Before applying for the Citi Diamond Preferred Card at, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the card, including any fees or interest rates. It’s also a good idea to check your credit score and make sure you meet the card’s eligibility requirements.

By choosing to mail in your application, understand it will take at least a week before you will find out if you’ve been approved for a card.  The online option is the best option because you will receive an instant decision immediately after applying.

What are the Citi Diamond Preferred Card Fees?

The Citi Diamond Preferred Card is a popular credit card that offers a number of benefits to its users. However, like any other credit card, it comes with certain fees that you should be aware of before applying for the card. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the fees associated with the Citi Diamond Preferred Card.

Annual Fee
The Citi Diamond Preferred Card does not charge an annual fee. This makes it an attractive option for those who want a credit card with no annual fee.

Balance Transfer Fee
The balance transfer fee is 3% of the amount of each transfer, with a minimum fee of $5. This fee is charged when you transfer a balance from another credit card to your Citi Diamond Preferred Card.

Cash Advance Fee
The cash advance fee is 5% of the amount of each cash advance, with a minimum fee of $10. This fee is charged when you withdraw cash from an ATM using your Citi Diamond Preferred Card.

Foreign Transaction Fee
The foreign transaction fee is 3% of the U.S. dollar amount of each purchase made outside the United States. This fee is charged when you make a purchase in a foreign currency or use your card while traveling abroad.

Late Payment Fee
The late payment fee is up to $40. This fee is charged when you do not make the minimum payment due on your Citi Diamond Preferred Card by the due date.

Returned Payment Fee
The returned payment fee is up to $40. This fee is charged when a payment is returned to Citi because there are insufficient funds in your account.

  • 25.24% APR on cash advances
  • 15.99% APR for Citi Flex Plan
  • $40 late payment fee
  • $40 returned payment fee

How to Contact Citi Diamond Card Customer Service

If you are a Citi Diamond Preferred cardholder, you can easily reach out to their customer service department for assistance with any questions or concerns you may have. Here are some ways to contact Citi Diamond Preferred customer service:

Phone Support: Cardholders can reach Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card customer service by calling the number on the back of their credit card. This line is available 24/7 for immediate assistance.  1-800-325-2865

Online Account Management: Through Citi’s website or mobile app, cardholders can log in to their account and access a variety of customer service options, including secure messaging for non-urgent inquiries.

Live Chat: Available through the Citi website or mobile app, live chat offers real-time support from customer service representatives during specified hours.

Social Media: Citi is active on several social media platforms, including Twitter (@AskCiti) and Facebook. While not for sensitive account questions, these channels can be used for general inquiries and support.

Mail: For formal communications or disputes, cardholders can send a letter to the customer service mailing address provided on their statement or the Citi website.

Citibank Customer Service

PO Box 6500

Sioux Falls, SD  57117

Branch Visit: For personalized service or to discuss account matters in person, cardholders can visit a local Citi branch and speak with a representative face-to-face.

Mobile App:  Correspond with customer service via the Citi Mobile App.  Send a message and a representative will respond back.  Use the QR Code scanner feature via the Citi Mobile App for corresponding with customer service.  Open the camera app on your mobile device, Scan the QR code.


What benefits come with the Citi Diamond Preferred Card?

This card offers a range of benefits, including access to Citi Entertainment, a program that provides exclusive access to events and experiences. Cardholders also have access to Citi Private Pass, which provides access to presale tickets and VIP packages for events. Additionally, the card offers travel and purchase protection, as well as no annual fee.

What is the APR for the Citi Diamond Preferred Card?

The APR for the Citi Diamond Preferred Card varies based on creditworthiness, but it ranges from 14.74% to 24.74%. This rate is subject to change based on market conditions and other factors.

Are there any foreign transaction fees associated with the card?

No, there are no foreign transaction fees associated with the Citi Diamond Preferred Card. This makes it an excellent option for frequent travelers or those who make purchases from international merchants.

What credit score do I need to be approved for the Citi Diamond Preferred Card?

While there is no set credit score requirement, most applicants who are approved for the card have a credit score of 700 or higher. However, credit score is not the only factor considered in the approval process, so it is possible to be approved with a lower score.

Is the Citi Diamond Preferred Card a good option for balance transfers?

Yes, the Citi Diamond Preferred Card is an excellent option for balance transfers. It offers a 0% introductory APR for balance transfers for the first 18 months after account opening. After that, the APR will be 14.74% to 24.74%, based on creditworthiness.

About Citigroup Credit Cards

Citigroup, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, offers a range of credit cards that cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Whether you’re looking for a card with cashback rewards or one that helps you earn points for travel, Citigroup credit cards have got you covered.

One of the most popular Citigroup credit cards is the Citi Double Cash Card, which offers 2% cashback on all purchases (1% when you make a purchase and an additional 1% when you pay your bill). If you’re a frequent traveler, the Citi Premier Card might be a better fit for you, as it offers rewards points that can be redeemed for travel expenses such as flights and hotels.

Another great option is the Citi Diamond Preferred Card, which offers a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases for 18 months. This can be a great way to save money on interest charges if you have a balance on another credit card.

For those with less-than-perfect credit, Citigroup also offers the Citi Secured Mastercard, which requires a security deposit but can be a good way to build or improve your credit score.

No matter which Citigroup credit card you choose, you’ll have access to a range of features such as fraud protection, online account management, and customizable alerts to help you stay on top of your spending. invitation code invitation number

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