Credencerm – Make an Online Payment to Credence

Credence Resource Management, a 3rd party debt collector, has established an online payment center for consumers to make payments toward resolving their past due delinquent accounts and old debts that have been referred to their care.  Consumers should have received an account notification in the mail from Credence listing specific information on the original creditor and the balance owed them.  There is a time period of 30 days for consumers to acknowledge their debt and get in contact with Credence to make some type of payment arrangement.

For consumers that are in agreement with the debts owed they have 3 ways to make a payment which are by telephone, mail, or online.  Through the account notification that was received in the mail consumers can remit payment using a credit card or check and completing the attached payment form.  There is also the option to speak with a representative on the telephone and pay over the phone.  Consumers can also make a payment online by visiting ( and selecting “Make a Payment” which will direct you to the payment processing portion of the website.  Credit cards and check payments are accepted online as well.

When responding to a bill collector it is always a good idea to call and speak with a representative first before making any payments.  You simply need to verify the amount owed to ensure the debt owed definitely belongs to you.  There could possibly be a mistake and it’s worth your time to ensure the debts are accurately tied to you.  Creditors are always willing to allow payment arrangements or even reduce the amount owed so when you speak with someone always speak up and ask the right questions.  

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