GCBalance – Check Kroger Gift Card Balance

Kroger gift card holders have about 4 ways to access their gift card balance – at the bottom of their receipt, online, over the phone, or simply ask the cashier.  The guide will go over these steps to be sure cardholders understand the details of keeping track of their card balance.

GCBalance Gift Card Balance Check

For cardholders that want to check their balance online via their home computer or mobile devices:

***19 digit number located on the back of your card

  • Enter your PIN

***4 digit number located on the back of your card

Your balance in real time will be displayed on the screen. 


GCBalance Printed on Receipt

When you are making a purchase at Krogers, give the cashier your Kroger gift card for payment.  When you receive your receipt from the cashier look at the bottom of the receipt and you’ll notice your remaining gift card balance.  

The amount of purchase will be subtracted from the Kroger gift card and the remaining amount will be shown on the sales receipt.  

Check Balance Via Kroger Cashier

To also obtain the remaining gcbalance gift card balance you can simply ask the cashier for your balance by giving her your gift card to look up at the register.  The Customer Care desk can also assist you with this and perform a balance inquiry.  

Check Balance By Phone

The other option for checking your balance and bypassing gcbalance.com is by telephone via the Kroger Gift Card department at 1-866-822-6252.  You can speak with someone or use their automated phone system to check your balance.

Lost Gift Card

According to the Kroger website If your card is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, it will not be replaced and the value remaining lost.  Please read the fine print.

Kroger Gift Card Details

If you have more than 1 gift card you can use them towards your purchase.

At checkout one or more gift cards may be applied to the balance owed first and if there is a remaining balance customers will be asked to provide a secondary payment option to pay the remainder.

Card works like cash and the customers name will not appear anywhere on the card

Gift card amount from $10 to $250

No expiration date as long as there’s money on card



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