Get Silver Sneakers – SilverSneakers As Seen On TV

The 65 and older crowd can take advantage of the SilverSneakers health and fitness program that’s included at no additional cost in many Medicare plans.  With SilverSneakers seniors have the opportunity to visit their local fitness center and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

Get SilverSneakers As Seen On TV

If you’re a senior and haven’t enrolled in this program you can get started by following this simple guide to first verify your eligibility:

There is a 4 step process for you to enter some personal info, the 4 stages are:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Location
  • Contact

At the end of the verification process, if you’re verified to be eligible for SilverSneakers, you can then get started with finding a location near you.  That location should take your health insurance info or ID number to confirm your membership.

Take the time to register for an online account so you can receive a Silver Sneakers login and be a part of the online community.  

Get a SilverSneakers Card

This is for members that want to receive an actual SilverSneakers card and was referred by the Get SilverSneakers as seen on TV ad:

  • Visit
  • Click More at top of page
  • Click Get Your Card link

Complete the following info to go further:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Zip code
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Click the blue Get Your Card button

After completing the rest of the form you will be sent an actual card and your membership ID will be displayed for use when enrolling into a gym.

What’s Included in SilverSneakers 

To get an idea of everything you’ll receive from a GetSilverSneakers membership you can refer to the list below:

  • Access to fitness equipment
  • Specially designed signature exercise classes for all fitness levels
  • Pools, tennis courts and walking tracks
  • 16,000 fitness and community locations nationwide
  • Social events in your community
  • Online resources with nutrition and fitness tips

Exclusive Classes Offered

  • Silversneakers classic
  • Silversneakers Circuit
  • Silversneakers Cardiofit
  • Silversneakers Yoga
  • Silversneakers Splash
  • Boom classes
  • Flex classes

For seniors that aren’t able to attend a gym or fitness center due to injury or illness, you can utilize the at-home kit to start working out at home.  It can be mailed to you and you can enjoy the benefits in the comfort of your home.

SilverSneakers App/Online Content

If you register for an online account at you will have access to the online community which consists of popular on-demand video workouts, library of classes, how to videos, etc.  All classes are led by supportive instructors with fitness levels for everyone.

There is also a fitness app that offers the same content as online while giving you the same functionality while on the go.  

Contact Customer Service

Any problems you may experience with the website or questions/issues you have contact customer service at the following info:


Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm EST

Email – 


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