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OTC cardholders that have received their Visa debit OTC card in the mail can activate their card using the activate card webpage.  After activating the card the next step should be to register for an online account as the mybenefitscenter website is a one stop shop for managing your member information and card details.

How to Activate Mybenefitscenter OTC Card

Before you can begin using your OTC card you will need to go through the card activation steps, here’s instructions on how to do that: activate card

  • click Agree & Proceed button

  • enter your email address for verification
  • click the blue Send verification code button

Continue on with the rest of the registration process which will require you to create your login credentials and help activate your card for first time use.

When you are finished registering you can now use your login credentials to login to your account.  

How to Retrieve My Benefits Center Password

If at some point you forget your password utilize the Forgot your password link on the homepage.  You will need to enter your email address for account verification and for an email to be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password.

MyBenefitsCenter Member Portal Information

This activate card portal is designed for individuals to track, manage, and maximize their health plan benefits.

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How to Manage OTC Visa Card 

After you have successfully registered for an online account and logged in you will be presented with the dashboard that displays your benefit overview.  From the My Benefits dashboard you can view the following:

  • balance
  • benefit type
  • balances for the benefits you signed up for 
  • enrollment start and end dates
  • transactions

At the top of the dashboard users can select from the following navigational categories to obtain more information about their benefits:


This section allows you to search for eligible products your plan allows for all of the benefits you’ve signed up for


List the locations you can use your Benefits card including elibile retailers in your area or find a list of available online retailers.


All of your purchases and spending with be tracked here

Account Page

review your personal info, enrolled benefits, and change your password


Any news health plan related information will be highlighted in the notifications section


Users that may have questions or issues can refer to the Support section at the bottom of any activate card page.  The sections has an FAQ section and helpful videos.

Download the OTC Network App

The OTC Network® app is a fast and convenient way to check your OTC Network card balance and find eligible items when shopping in-store at participating retailers.

View card balance

Easily check item eligibility by the scan of the barcode

Reference activate card

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