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Costco customers can get bonus rewards by purchasing when they purchase certain products from their Costco store.  Currently customers that have purchased the following products can receive bonuses just by visiting the bonus rewards site and claiming the gifts:

  • Beats Studio Buds
  • AMC Movie Pack
  • Regal Movie Pack

How to Get Bonus Rewards

To get started with claiming your bonus rewards customers can do the following:


Each item requires customers to submit their email address when they will receive a code, enter their PIN number which is located on the back of their purchase.  It’s a 10 digit number under the QRC code of your purchase.  The next step is to click the red Show & Email Code button.

How to Claim GetBonusRewards 

To give customers an idea of what you will receive when you purchase these products, here are the actual gifts you’re eligible for:

  • Receive $10 Apple Gift Card with purchase of Beats Studio Buds True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones
  • AMC Movie Pack! Get two movie tickets and a $20 Concession Card.
  • 2 Premiere Movie Tickets will receive a $10 egift card

With each gift you receive, customers must complete the online form to redeem the reward.

What is Required on GetBonusRewards Claim Form

If you are trying to claim the reward $10 Apple Gift Card for the Beats Studio Buds True Wireless Noise Canceling Earphones, the form requires the following info:

  • Email address
  • Costco Member Number
  • Choose Model
  • Serial number of your Beats Earphones which is on the device printed near the barcode on your device’s packaging.
  • Purchase date
  • First name
  • Last name

If you are trying to claim the AMC Movie Pack reward of 2 movie tickets and a $20 concession card, the form requires the following info:

  • Email address
  • Enter your PIN

If you are trying to claim the $10 egift card from the 2 Premiere Movie Tickets, the form requires the following info:

  • Email address
  • Enter your PIN

Bonus Rewards Deadlines

Costco customers participating in the program will need to be mindful that each product has a deadline date.  You will need to submit your claim before the deadline expires:

How to GetBonusRewards Contact Customer Service

Any questions customers may have about the program they can refer to the FAQ section at the bottom of the website or they can communicate with Customer Service at the following info:

Call 1-800-955-2292

Visit https://customerservice.costco.com



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