GoWithPurpose – Login to My Purpose Card

Consumers that have a Purpose Prepaid Card can visit www.gowithpurpose.com to activate their card and create an online account to login and manage their account.  From their online account cardholders can conveniently monitor their account activity without having to depend on a monthly statement to arrive in the mail.  A simple login will provide Purpose cardholders an accurate depiction of their account usage.

What is GowithPurpose

The GowithPurpose website is available for Purpose cardholders to utilize 24 hours a day 7 days a week to login and check their account.  Some of the features available to them are viewing your balance, transaction history, setup text alerts, setup direct deposits, transfer money, etc.  There is also a mobile app that can be downloaded to your mobile devices or smartphone that will provide members with direct access to their account as well.

Go With Purpose Card Login

When you visit the My Purpose Card website at the top of the screen are three features for visitors to access: Activate Card, Create Account, or Log In.  First-time users of the site will need to activate their card before they can begin using it.  Select the Activate Card link and be prepared to enter your card number and the 3 digit CVC2 number located on the back of your Purpose Card.

As you’re activating your Purpose Card you will continue to the account registration process where you will create your login credentials so you can begin using the online service.  After you’ve finished everything your new Purpose Reloadable Prepaid Card is now ready for use and you can begin viewing all of your transactions in real time.

PurposeCard Features

If you need an account to deposit money without going through all the hassles of applying for a bank account consider using a Purpose Visa Prepaid Debit Card.  It’s an easy process to receive a card and you don’t have to worry about credit checks to see if you’ll be approved.  With this card you can assign your direct deposits to be loaded onto your card including tax refunds, add funds continuously for reuse, and transfer money to other accounts.

The only step necessary to receiving a card is visiting a local Purpose Card retailer, purchasing a temporary card, and activating it online.  If you are unsure where the nearest retailer in your area is visit www.gowithpurpose.com and utilize their Find A Location search feature.  You will be presented with a list of stores in your area that carry the card.  Pick-up a card and make your first deposit of at least $20 to the card and activate it there or online.

Another service that cardholders will enjoy is the Text Alerts feature that sends out notifications to your smartphone by command.  You will need to text a command to 22622 and you’ll receive a response based on your command.

Take advantage of the many uses that a prepaid card like the Purpose Card can provide including protecting your identity online.  Stop at a local retailer to receive your card and visit www.gowithpurpose.com to activate your card and register for an online account.

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