How Much Toilet Roll – Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator

As we all have discovered toilet paper is hard to find during this Coronavirus pandemic, people are hoarding this more than anything else.  A website was designed to help people understand that you really don’t need as much toilet paper as you think.

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator

The Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator website calculates just how much toilet paper a family actually needs during a crisis.  Here is how the site works:

Count how many toilet paper rolls you have at home

Use the 2 slides to answer how many toilet paper rolls you currently have in your possession and the total number of visits you make to your toilet each day.

After you’ve finished with the slides the website will display how many days your current supply of toilet paper will last and the percentage of your quarantine.  This gives you a visual indicating whether you have too much toilet paper or not enough. In most cases, the average family probably has too much toilet paper.

Advanced Options

The Advanced Options feature allows users to make slight adjustments depending on the type of toilet paper or certain circumstances such as:

  • Sheets per wipe
  • Sheets on roll
  • People in household
  • Days of quarantine

Any adjustments you make will alter your projected days of toilet paper lasting.  

How Much Toilet Roll Info

After using the website you can easily see if you’re actually hoarding toilet paper and don’t really need that much.  The website says the average user has 500% more toilet paper than they need during a quarantine.  

The website has been advertised by media giants such as CNN, New York Post, CNET, and others.  It has already been seen by over 5 million people trying to encourage them they have enough toilet paper.  

It was designed by student software developer Ben Sassoon and artist Sam Harris in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Have fun with the website and tell your friends so they can be educated and leave some toilet paper on the shelves for others to purchase.


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