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To keep Americans up to date on the latest statistics with the spread of the Coronavirus the Infection 2020 Coronavirus Tracker was created.  It gives users an idea of what’s going on across the United States and down to each individual county.  

Users of the site can stay abreast on the count total of confirmed cases and deaths nationwide including right in the county you live in.  

Infection 2020 COVID-19 Tracker 

The COVID-19 tracker may be the best Coronavirus tracker online because it’s simple to use and gives fast data.

Once you visit the site a notification pops up saying “ wants to know your location.”  This is important to the function of the website as it will identify your current location and county thus pulling up the data associated with your county in real time.

  • Click Allow

Before you click Allow you may want to spend some time reviewing the map of the US to see where the worst areas are by color.   

The Infection map highlights counties by infection zones with live data on the number of confirmed cases and death toll.  The confirmed cases feature color codes areas by the number of confirmed cases from 1 being the lightest color (yellow) up to 10K with a dark red color.  

Nationwide Live Data

The Nationwide Live Data portion of the website offers 3 categories with Coronavirus tracker data:

Confirmed Cases

Total number of confirmed cases across the nation and total percentage of new cases within the past 24 hours


Total number of deaths across the nation and total percentage of recent deaths within the past 24 hours


Total number of patients that have recovered from the virus nationwide and the total percentage that have recovered in the past 24 hours

Real-time Cases by County

The site offers a breakdown of confirmed cases and deaths of counties in your vicinity.

Data sources

All of the information displayed on the website is accurate info being pulled from the following online resources:  CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, WHO – World Health Organization, CSBS, JHU – Johns Hopkins University


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