Momentstransfer – Kodak Moments Picture Transfer

Customers that have smartphones or mobile devices they want to transfer photos from and print out can use a local Kodak Kiosk to accomplish this.  The easy to use Kodak Kiosk has various types of print services that customers can choose to output their pictures to.  Here is an idea of what they offer:

  • Various types of prints
  • Collages
  • Greeting cards
  • Photo books – How does the Kodak Kiosk Works?

Customers that want to use the services of a Kodak Kiosk to transfer photos securely from their smartphone to the Kiosk using wi-fi can continue reading including learning how the website works.

When you’re at a Kodak Kiosk do the following:

  • Select Products from smartphone

The next step asks you to select the type of product/service you want to produce – here are the options:

MomentsTransfer Print Options

  • Make prints from your smartphone
  • Make collages from your smartphone
  • Make greeting cards from your smartphone
  • Make a photo book from your smartphone

Make your selection from the above list

  • Accept the copyright notice
  • Select which smartphone you’re using (Android or Apple)

How to Download Kodak Kiosk

From here you will need to download the Kodak Kiosk connect app which can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on the Kodak Kiosk

  • The next step is to open your phone’s settings and select Wi-Fi
  • Look for the wi-fi name that is displayed on the screen and enter the password that is displayed on the screen as well
  • Once you notice you’re connected now open the Kodak Kiosk connect app
  • The Kiosk will now search and upload photos from your phone
  • From the Kiosk select the photos you want to print out then click Done
  • Click Continue to Checkout
  • Click Place the Order
  • You should receive a receipt to take to the cashier to pay and receive your prints

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How Kodak Moments Work For Disconnections

If after you connect to a Kodak Kiosk’s wifi and at some point you get disconnected which is where the website comes in to play, you can follow this guide to continuing:

  • From your phone settings select the Kiosk to try connecting again
  • If your phone prompts you to stay connected then continue doing so
  • You should be offered a QR code to scan or possibly the web address to click the link
  • These steps will enable you to connect to the Kiosk you’re currently at and continue using if the wi-fi does not work.  You can simply use the QR code or web address to continue to select pictures and finish the process.


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