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Smartphone or mobile device users interested in uploading their photos to a Kiosk for ordering can utilize the WMTPix website.  The website is available for Android and IPhone users to utilize and is available for use 24 hours a day.  It only takes a few seconds to upload your pics using the wmtpix platform and have them ready for ordering.

What is

WmtPix, is a dedicated photo service offered by Walmart. This platform,, allows customers to upload, print, and personalize their photographs with ease. Whether it’s for creating custom photo books, designing unique gifts, or simply printing out memorable snapshots, wmtpix offers a wide range of options to bring your cherished moments to life. 

Its user-friendly interface makes photo uploading and customization a hassle-free experience. From professional photographers looking to print high-quality images to families wanting to preserve their memories in creative ways, caters to a diverse array of photographic needs, all under the trusted umbrella of Walmart’s quality services.

How to Upload Photos to WMTPix Platform

Users that want to submit their pics using the browser based online option can follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Place a check in the I accept the Terms and Conditions box
  • Click the blue I ACCEPT button
  • Search for the photos on your computer or mobile device by clicking the Select Photos button
  • After you’ve selected the photos you want to upload click the blue Start Upload button
  • Write down the code that is displayed on the screen or simply click the blue SEND ME THIS CODE button 

***the code has an expiration date so pay attention to the time and date displayed on the screen so you will know how long you have before the generated code expires.  

  • If you hit the SEND ME THIS CODE button you will need to enter the following info to receive the code:
  • Email address
  • Phone number to receive the code via text
  • Click the blue SEND CODE button
  • Find a Kiosk in your area, access the kiosk and input your code

***Your images will be downloaded to the kiosk where you can crop and rotate, add more images, or delete those you don’t need, and complete your order

  • Order any size and within a few days your order will be complete

Please understand your code is only good for up to 10 days so you will need to be prompt to get to a Kiosk

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How to Use WMTPix App

For users that are more interested in using the WMTPix app you can simply download the app to your mobile device or smartphone and follow these steps:

The app works the same as the online browser version except you can transfer your photos while on the go from your mobile devices.

  • Access the app
  • Select the photos you would like to upload
  • Upload the photos

After photos are uploaded you will receive a unique Claim Code that can be entered at the in-store photo kiosk 

The photos you uploaded will be reserved at the Kiosk for you to decide which ones you’d like to order or delete.

Customers have the option to order individual prints for use in photo books, cards, calendars, etc.

There are plenty of independent and chain retailer kiosks in your area that you can use to order your uploaded photos.  You can ask your favorite photo retailer if they have a compatible APM Photo Kiosk.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is WMTPIX?

Smartphone users can upload their photos in a kiosk to be printed on photo books, calendars, cards, etc. through the WMTPIX website or mobile app. Users can upload their photos 24/7 on the website and on-the-go via the mobile app. 

Q. Where can I access the WMTPIX website?

The WMTPIX website can be accessed through Android and iPhone mobile devices only. Users can access the site 24/7 and upload their pics on the platform in just a few seconds. 

Q. How to upload photos on WMTPIX website?

You can submit your photos on the WMTPIX by following the steps below:

  • Visit
  • Check the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” box
  • Click ‘I Accept’
  • Search and select photos on your device to be uploaded
  • Once selected, click on ‘Start Upload’
  • Note down the code displayed on the screen and click on ‘Send Me This Code’
  • Enter email address and phone number
  • Find a kiosk in your area to input the code

Your images will be downloaded on the kiosk where you can crop, add, and delete the pics and complete your order. 

Q. How do I use the WMTPIX mobile app?

You can use the app by downloading it on your Android or iPhone smartphone. Once installed, you can upload photos on the go. After selecting the photos to be installed, you’ll receive a unique claim code that can be entered at an in-store kiosk. These photos will be reserved on the kiosk and you can order or delete the photos as per your needs.

Q. How do I upload photos through the WMTPIX app?

The WMTPIX app works the same way as the website. You can upload photos on the go by:

  • Opening the app on your smartphone
  • Select the photos you want to upload
  • Upload photos
  • You’ll receive a unique claim code 
  • Enter the code on a photo kiosk near you
Q. Where can I find a kiosk to enter the code?

You can order individual prints to use in cards, calendars and photo books with the WMTPIX website or app. Many independent and chain retailer kiosk ls near you may have a compatible APM photo kiosk from where you can order your uploaded photos. 

Q. Can someone else order my photos?

By uploading your photos on the WMTPIX site or app, you own the title, rights, and interest in your content or agree that you have the permission from the owner to use the materials. Any unauthorized usage would violate the intellectual property rights of the owner while the infringer would be held liable. 

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