www.mybizaccount.fedex.com ground – FedEx Contractor Login

FedEx independent contractors can access their MygroundbizAccount online by visiting the FedEx Ground website.  The site is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for contractors to have access to FedEx company info.  Here is what the site offers:

  • News and info
  • Vehicle sales
  • Links to vendors
  • Success stories

Accessing MyGroundBiz Website

To access this website contractors will need to supply their login credentials:

  • Visit www.mybizaccount.fedex.com ground
  • Enter your FedEx ID and Password at the Signon section of the website on the right side of the screen
  • Click the Sign In button

www.mybizaccount.fedex.com ground

Login Information

If you are unsure of your FedEx ID number refer to your FedEX ID badge:

  • FedEx ID is located on your FedEx ID badge – 7 digit code
  • When you login for the very first time you will be required to change your password
  • Your password will need to be changed every 90 days
  • Resetting your password in case you forget it requires you to call 1-855-NEW-PSWD
  • When you have finished using the site if you forget to logout it will automatically log you out after 18 minutes of inactivity

FedEx Independent Contractor Job Search

On the same website mybizaccount.fedex.com ground independent contractors can search for work by using the Opportunities Search link at the top of the left side of the page.  You will directed to the FedEx Ground buildagroundbiz.com website.

From that site you can search for contracting opportunities.  The site has a list of available opportunities for drivers to sort through.  There is also a Search option that will allow users to search by opportunity type, country, and state/province.

Users should utilize the Customized Alerts feature so they will be notified when jobs are released.

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-800-435-7647

Monday – Friday 7am to 12am EST

Saturday 7am to 2pm EST


www.mybizaccount.fedex.com ground

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