How to Apply for Ameris Bank Visa with Confirmation Code

Navigating the application process for the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card Mail Offer can seem complex, but with the right guidance, it can be straightforward. This guide will provide insights into the unique features of the card, the online application process using the confirmation code, as well as how to check your application status. It will also provide information about how to contact Ameris Bank Visa customer service for any additional inquiries. Understanding these aspects will simplify your application process, helping you to make the most of the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card Mail Offer.

Consumers that have been pre-qualified for an Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card can apply for this card through  The offer is directed towards customers of Ameris Bank that may be interested in upgrading to an Ameris Bank Visa card.

Key Takeaways

  • The Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card can be applied for through a mail offer.
  • To apply via mail, individuals need to accurately fill out an application form, attach proof of identity, and mail it to Ameris Bank.
  • The mail offer provides a hassle-free application process with a pre-approval offer.
  • It is important to follow the instructions provided in the mail offer to complete the application accurately.

Overview of Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card

The Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card, renowned for its competitive rates and benefits, offers a comprehensive financial solution for discerning customers. This card’s reputation stems from its ability to provide cardholders with an array of practical and valuable financial privileges.

In the realm of credit cards, the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card stands out for its advantageous features. The cardholder can benefit from competitive interest rates, which may significantly reduce the overall cost of borrowing. Furthermore, the pre-approval offer provides a hassle-free application process, enabling prospective customers to plan their finances better.

The application process for the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card is straightforward. Prospective customers can apply online through or opt for the mail offer. The mail offer is an excellent option for those who prefer more traditional methods of communication and transaction. It entails receiving a pre-selected offer via mail, which you can then accept by following the instructions provided.

Features Description
Annual Fee $0
APR Competitive APR for purchases and balance transfers
Rewards Program Not applicable for this card
Balance Transfer Offers balance transfer options with a low introductory APR
Cash Advance Access to cash advances with a specified APR
Foreign Transaction Fees No foreign transaction fees on purchases made outside the U.S.
Fraud Protection 24/7 fraud monitoring and zero liability for unauthorized transactions
Online Banking Access to online banking for account management and bill payments
Mobile Banking Mobile app available for on-the-go account access and management
Customer Support 24/7 customer support available via phone and online
Credit Building Reports to major credit bureaus to help build or improve credit score
Emergency Card Replacement Quick card replacement service in case of loss or theft
Travel and Emergency Assistance Access to assistance services including legal and medical referral assistance
Warranty Manager Service Extended warranty protection on purchases made with the card

How to Use Ameris Bank Card Confirmation Code to Apply Online

Once you’ve received your Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card confirmation code, the next step is to proceed with the online application. This process is straightforward and user-friendly, designed to make your credit card application as effortless as possible. This section will guide you on how to utilize your confirmation code to apply online.

There are a couple ways consumers can apply for their new Visa card, online or by phone.  Call the toll free phone application number found on your mailer and go through the automated phone service.

To apply via the online website consumers can follow a few steps to get started:


  • Visit
  • Enter your 10 digit newcardapply confirmation code highlighted on your mailer
  • Enter your 5 digit zip code
  • Click the blue Continue button Confirmation Code

The next stage of the application process requires you to complete the entire online application.  By entering in your confirmation code some of your personal information is identified with the code allowing some fields on the online application to be pre-filled.  This helps to speed up the process. Be ready to fill in the following details:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • SSN
  • Country of citizenship
  • Email address
  • Housing status
  • Mortgage/rent payment
  • Income
  • Employment

At the end you should receive an instant decision on your acceptance.  If approved you will be notified, extended a credit limit, and your new Visa card mailed to your address.

How to Apply by Phone

While an online application is often preferred, it is also possible to apply for the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card via phone using your mail offer confirmation code. This option is particularly handy for those who value personal interaction with their financial institution or prefer not to disclose sensitive information online.

To apply by phone, follow these steps:

  • Dial the customer service number provided in the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card mail offer.
  • Provide your confirmation code to the representative.
  • Answer a series of questions to assess your eligibility based on your credit score and other financial details.

How to Apply by Mail

In response to receiving an Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card mail offer, you have the option to utilize your confirmation code to submit an application through traditional mail or online.

The process of applying by mail involves carefully filling out the application form, ensuring all details are accurate. Pay special attention to the sections related to your credit history as these play a vital role in the cardmember agreement.

Here’s a simplified view of the process using a 3×4 table:

Steps Mail Application Online Application
1 Fill up form Visit Ameris Bank website
2 Attach proof of identity Enter confirmation code
3 Mail to Ameris Bank Fill up the online form
4 Wait for response Submit and wait for response

Both methods require careful handling to avoid errors and ensure smooth processing of your credit cards application.

How to Check Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card Application Status

After submitting your application for the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card, it’s crucial to monitor its progress to ensure a smooth transaction. This is part of the overall financial services offered by Ameris bank designed to keep you informed and in control of your application. By checking your application status, you can have peace of mind while waiting for your credit card statement to arrive.

To check your application status, consider the following steps:

  • Contact Ameris Bank’s customer service: They can provide you with real-time updates about your application status.
  • Visit Ameris Bank’s online portal: This platform allows you to log in and view your application status at any time.
  • Use your application reference number: This unique number is given after applying and can be used to track your application.

How to Contact Ameris Bank Visa Customer Service

Should any queries arise regarding your Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card application, reaching out to Ameris Bank Visa Customer Service is a recommended course of action. You may have questions about the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card mail offer, the account opening process, card design choices, or Ameris Bank’s security policies.

To contact Ameris Bank Visa customer service, you can utilize various channels that the bank offers for its customers. You can reach them by phone, email, or through their official website. The customer service team is well-equipped to provide you with the necessary assistance and detailed responses to your queries. It’s important to have your account details ready for a faster resolution.

Contacting customer service is not only for resolving issues but also for providing feedback or suggestions to improve their services. Remember, customer service is there to assist you and make your banking experience as smooth as possible.

Customer Service Center: 866-616-6020
Routing Number: 061201754
Corporate Address: 3490 Piedmont Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30305
Corporate Mailing Address: P.O. Box 105075, Atlanta, GA 30348

Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards
Debit cards: 800-236-2442
Credit cards: 877-334-0460, select option 2


In conclusion, the Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card offers a plethora of benefits to its holders. The application process, facilitated by a confirmation code, is simple and easy to navigate online. Applicants can easily track their application status and, if necessary, inquire through the customer service. With a clear understanding of these steps, applicants can confidently embark on their journey towards obtaining and making the most of their Ameris Bank Visa Platinum Card.


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