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Continental Finance has introduced a new credit card called the Fit Mastercard that consumers can apply for online at www.fitcardnow.com.  The card is designed for individuals 18 and older that are looking to start building credit or for others that are looking to rebuild their credit.

It has many similar features of other credit cards targeting individuals with poor credit such as requiring an annual fee, low credit limit, and high interest rate.


Fit Mastercard Credit Card Features

  • Accepts low credit scores
  • Online application process is fast and easy
  • Starting credit limit is around $400
  • Credit activity is reported to the major credit bureaus
  • Mastercard logo for use anywhere
  • Online account access available for free
  • $99 Annual fee
  • $89 One-time processing fee
  • $6.25 per month monthly maintenance fee
  • 29.99% APR
  • Up to $39 late fees (late payment or returned payment)

Apply For Fit Credit Card Online

Consumers that are interested in applying for the Fit credit card online can follow these few steps to guide you through the online process:

Complete the application by entering in the following information:


  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Time at residence
  • Own or rent
  • Do you have an active checking account
  • Click orange button – Continue your application

After you’ve completed the application and submitted it you will receive an instant decision on your acceptance.  It will only take a minute or so for your information to be processed. After you’ve been accepted your new Fit card will be mailed to your address.

Fit Mastercard Login Details

Once you receive your new credit card the next step is to enroll in the free online access service provided by Continental Finance.  The Fit credit card login service allows users to view their balance, make online payments, check their credit limit, etc.

fit card

  • Visit www.fitcardinfo.com
  • Under Register Now enter your credit card number
  • Click the gray Submit button
  • Setup your security protocols
  • Create your login credentials

After you’ve finished registering your card online you can now enter your User Name and Password to access your account.

Customer Service Info

Any questions cardholders may have can be directed to customer service at the following details:

Call: 1-866-449-4514

Hours:7am to 10pm Mon-Fri

9am to 4pm Saturday


FIT Card

PO Box  3220

Buffalo, NY  14240-3220

The Fit Card is easy to apply for and get accepted but to get the most out of this card you will need to keep your account in good standing.  You will need to make at least the monthly minimum payments and keep your account balances under the credit limit.

Following those key steps will help you build your credit and at some point you can upgrade to a better credit card.




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