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Capital One Associates that are transitioning from the Capital One Discount Program formerly at can login to their new discount program with Perks at Work at the web address  The new site requires users to use the same login credentials that was needed at the old site.  All of your account information will be transferred over and you won’t lose any points or rewards.

First time Capital One Perks at Work users can sign up for a free account by clicking Register for Free on the homepage.  You will need to enter your work email address and company name to start the registration process.  After completing the online registration new users will have access to their Perks at Work account via their login credentials from any computer or mobile device that has a browser and internet service.

Once logged in to your account users will be able to browse current retailers offers or search for their favorite brand/product using the Search feature.  Your search will display current offers with their discounts and WOWPoints you can earn.  Hit the Shop Now button and you will be directed to that particular retailers website and will be able to enjoy the discount offered.

Benefits of Perks at Work Associate Discount Program

  • Associates have access to over 30,000 retail brands that offer discounts and rewards on purchases. Customers can do their everyday shopping through Perks at Work to accrue rewards points and save money on the discounts offered.
  • The program is company focused and is a learning platform that offers Capital One Associates programs and talks by company leaders.
  • Receive recognition through WOWPoints which can be given or received by your peers. WOWPoints are also accrued as you make purchases and is a symbol of money when you shop through Perks at Work.

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