Bank of America Corporate Perks login – BofA Employee Discount Program

Bank of America employees have access to an online catalog of special deals offered by national retailers via the Bank of America Discount Program located at  The site is a great way for BofA employees to save money and earn rewards points just by purchasing through their online Corporate Perks account.  There is no limit to the deals that are offered on a daily basis from a variety of products, travel, electronics, eating out, hotels, etc.

The Bank of America Corporate Perks program is exclusive to Bank of America employees and to access the special deals visit  First time users of the site will need to setup their account by clicking the Account Setup button on the homepage.  You will need to enter your company email address/personal email, Person number, and first and last name.  You should already know your Person number but if you don’t have it or are having difficulty logging in visit your HR/Benefits Administrator for assistance.

Bank of America Discount Program Highlights

  • Over 200,000 BofA members in the program
  • Exclusive pricing on computers, airfare, hotel, car rentals
  • Discounted cell phone bills
  • Over 18,000 restaurant locations offering discounts up to 90% off
  • Movie tickets discounts up to 35% off
  • Additional perks from over 30,000 merchants

Take advantage of the special savings you’ll receive as a Bank of America employee through their employee discount program.

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