Credible login – Access Your Credible Account Online

Credible student loan or personal loan customers can access their online account at  Users accounts are secured via their login credentials (email address and password) which is required for entry.  First time users of the site will need to register for use by selecting the Sign Up link on the login page.

After logging in first time users will need to complete a brief application form which will show as a soft credit inquiry on your credit report but does not negatively affect your credit score.  The soft inquiry is necessary for Credible to provide you with pre-qualified offers from various student/personal loan lenders who are interested in refinancing your loan.

Credible presents to their users side by side comparisons from different lenders that you can choose from.  Each lender offers different criteria such as annual percentage rate, monthly payment, payment options, total repayment amount, etc.  After doing your comparisons between lenders you can make your selection of which lender has the best offer for you then the next step is completing a more extensive application with that lender and proceeding forth with them.

Credible is much like a lending marketplace that in one location provides their customers with multiple options for loan refinancing from multiple loan companies.  Users receive personalized rates from lenders without sharing their personal information and without an initial credit check.  Some of the loan types that are accepted for refinance are federal, private, and Parent PLUS.  Many of the partner lenders that Credible uses offer terms up to 25 years and rates below 3%.

If you are looking for a student loan to pay for college or if you are looking to refinance your current student loan Credible is a great place to start to receive a number of offers from various lenders.

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