Netcredit – Accept Pre-approval for Loan Up to $10,000

NetCredit has a limited time offer available for customers who are interested in applying for a personal loan.  If you received a pre-approval letter in the mail directing you to to apply online then you are definitely qualified for a personal loan.  Your next step is to simply complete their online application process and find out how much you’re approved for.

New customers can also visit to check for eligibility of a loan without it affecting their credit score.  This is a benefit for applicants that are seriously interested in applying for a personal loan because they don’t have to worry about receiving an inquiry on their credit report.  The site utilizes a feature called My ScoreSaver that allows you to check your eligibility without checking your credit score.

When you visit the homepage of NetCredit there is a slider that you’ll use to determine your desired loan amount which is the first phase of the application process.  The next step is to select Check Your Eligibility which will display the application form asking for some basic personal information such as loan needs, name, email address, create a password, phone numbers, best time to call, address, home rent/mortgage, length of time at residence, main source of income, etc.

There are 3 other stages to the online loan process which are verifying your income, checking your eligibility, and at the end signing your personal loan contract.  Approved personal loans are typically funded the following business day.

NetCredit Personal Loan Features

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