Remove-me-please – Remove Me From Mailing List

If you’re receiving unwanted mail and would like for it to stop this guide will help you navigate the website which will remove your name from certain mailing lists.  You should see a reduction and elimination of unwanted mail arriving to your doorstep.  


The first step towards decluttering your mail box is to ask to be removed from email or mailing lists. The way to ask is to utilize websites that cater to mass removal of your name from direct mail lists.  his will discontinue certain mailing items from being mailed to your address or email list.  Here’s how to get started:

You will see the Opt Out! Heading and the statement:

In order to remove you from our database and additional email communications regarding this website product or service offering, please enter your email address EXACTLY as it appears in the email you received:

  • Enter your email address
  • Click the gray Submit button

After finishing it will display – You will be removed from our mailing list.  Thank you.

Receiving Direct Mail Junk Offers

Direct mail typically offers consumers the option to stop receiving mail which websites such as are setup and designed to easily unsubscribe your name from any list you may have signed up for.

After you submit your name to the unsubscribe list you shouldn’t be hassled with any more unwanted mail because direct mail marketers make it easy for you to discontinue their mail.  

If you are receiving lots of unwanted mail instead of having to unsubscribe from each list individually you utilize the website that will help remove your name from a majority of lists all at once.

There are a number of websites that will allow you to optout of mailing lists such as or  These services will stop you from receiving annoying mail such as hassling credit card offers which are mailed out weekly.  

Many people will take the long path towards removing their name from mailing lists by contacting each individual company that sends them unsolicited mail.  If you have the time to do this then go ahead, it is effective but is time consuming.  You can rely on services such as to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

How to Keep My Name Off Mailing Lists

There are a number of ways to stay clutter free and keep your name off of mailing lists that sell your information to other companies.  Beware of joining websites or signing up for something such as at a conference that asks for your information.  

They will normally have a box that you can check asking if you don’t mind if they send you information in the mail.  Don’t check that box or give them permission to send you anything.

The reason why you’re receiving lots of unwanted mail is because you gave someone permission to send you mail via your email address or mailing address.  


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