Sendasnickersfromhome – Free Snickers For Essential Workers

Right now if you want to show a kind gesture of support for an essential worker that you know send them a coupon for a free Snickers bar.  

This is the opportunity that Snickers has established that will allow anyone that is sitting at home during the current lockdown to send someone who is still working as an essential worker a free Snickers bar.

Send A Snickers From Home Deal

There is no cost to you to get started so follow these steps towards sending someone you know a free e-gfit card for a free Snickers:

Before you go to the next page here are a couple things you will need:

  • Your phone number
  • The essential worker’s phone number

***Go ahead and locate the person’s phone number on your smartphone, if you don’t already have it memorized, so you can type it in the field when necessary.

Enter in the following details:

  • Essential workers name 
  • Essential workers mobile number
  • Your name
  • Your mobile number
  • Message
  • Click the yellow Submit button

After clicking the Submit button a verification link will be sent to your cell phone from  Click the verification link and the e-gift coupon will be sent to the essential worker’s phone number.  

Once they receive the coupon by text they can go to Walmart to redeem the coupon to receive their free Snickers bar.  It’s just that simple.

For every bar sent Snickers is making a donation to support first responders through Operation Gratitude

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Snickers is giving away a free Snickers bar for any essential worker which can be redeemed at any Walmart store.  The offer is a show of gratitude for working hard for Americans while the country is shut down.

Just complete the short form with the essential workers name and mobile phone number and they will text the coupon to him or her.

Digital gift cards are limited to 2 per person.

List of Essential Workers

  • Those that are still on the job
  • Health care workers
  • Grocery cashiers
  • Truck drivers
  • First responders
  • Factory workers
  • Food Service
  • Retail
  • Finance

To Contact Snickers

Snickers Consumer Care toll free number



Contact Us page on


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