www.skywestonline.com – Employee Login to SkyWest Portal

Employees of SkyWest Airlines can utilize the SkyWestOnline employment portal online to access their company information.  The employee portal serves as an online HR website for the more than 12,000 employees of SkyWest.

The site is accessible for employees 24 hours a day requiring users to enter their login credentials to view their online employee file.  

SkyWestOnline Employee Login Guide


Employees will find use from the following guide that will walk you through logging in to your online SkyWest account.

First Time Use For New Hires

New employees of SkyWest will need to go through the online registration process of creating a new SkyWest Online account.  


  • Visit skywestonline.com
  • Under New Employee?
  • Click the “Register” button below for first time users
  • Read the registration terms
  • Click I Agree button
  • For Employment Verification
  • Enter your employee number, date of birth, and ssn, click gray Continue button
  • Create a password
  • Setup your security questions

After completing the new hire registration process you should be able to enter your Skywestonline employee login credentials to access your online employee file.

Help for Forgetting Password

In the event you forget your password you can utilize the self-help troubleshooting link to reset your password and enter the following details:

  • Visit skywestonline.com
  • Click the Forgot your Password? Link
  • Employee number
  • Hire date
  • Birth date
  • Last 4 digits of your ssn
  • Click the gray Continue button

Account Features For Skywestonline

As mentioned earlier the SkyWestOnline portal is an online resource for employees of the company.  They can access the following information around the clock without having to rely on visiting their HR/Payroll departments:

  • Human Resource documents
  • Benefits
  • Payroll info
  • Online employee file
  • Work schedule
  • Profile

When logged into skywestonline.com skywest employees can update their profile information which includes their name, date of birth, marital status, and address.  All of their company benefit information is available for review or downloading such as 401k, health insurance, profit sharing, etc.

Paystub information can be viewed and downloaded including W-2’s from the online site.  Employees can monitor their work schedule and hours to ensure they are paid correctly each pay period.  They can view their deductions, tax info, salary, and other payroll info similar to their actual paper paystub.

SkyWest has more than 12,700 employees that support their more than 2200 airline departures per day.  The company is based in North America and operates flights to and from 205 cities in 42 states including 11 cities in Mexico the Bahamas and 6 Canadian provinces.




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