Walmart Academy Card – Access Your Prepaid Card

The Walmart Academy Card website is a one stop resource for Walmart employees that have received funds deposited on either a Walmart Academy Prepaid Visa Card or Walmart Academy Prepaid Mastercard.  

The site allows users to check their card balances, track their transactions, and view their card statement online.

How To Access

Like most other online websites users will need to enter their login credentials to sign into their account.  Here is a brief instruction:

For first-time users that need to register for online access you will need to:

If you currently have a Walmart Academy Card have the following info handy and enter online:

How To Use Your Walmart Academy Card


When you are preparing to use your Walmart Academy Prepaid Mastercard for purchases you will need to keep in mind a few things, particularly when you’re at checkout.

When you give your card to the cashier or utilize the credit card terminal select the “credit” option on the keypad.  If you choose to use the debit option be prepared to enter your Walmart Academy Card PIN that is associated with the card. Merchants cannot check your card balance so know your balance before you shop.

Each time you use the Walmart Academy Card your balance is reduced by the purchase amount and any applicable fees or taxes.  Any purchases greater than the card amount, you can split the purchase between two payments. Important Details

Customer Service

If you have questions about your card or need to contact customer service first refer to the Help section of the Walmart Academy Card site.  There is a complete Frequently Asked Questions section that lists answers to frequently asked questions.

If your answer is not found there then call customer service at the following info:

  • Call 1-877-937-4098
  • Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm CT and Saturday 8am to 5pm CT


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