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Gwynnie Bee is offering new customers the opportunity to try their subscription clothing rental service under a 30-day free trial at www.trygbnow.com.




If you wear plus-sized clothing and have difficulty finding stylish clothing to wear to work or for nights out then Gwynnie Bee may be a clothing service you should consider.  GBNow is an online clothing subscription box service for women that wear sizes between 10-32.  The service allows subscribers to rent clothing for a flat monthly fee.  Members can select clothing they like, try it on, wear it, swap it out, or purchase clothing items.

Try Gwynnie Bee 30-Day Free Trial


Currently there is a 30-day free trial offer for new customers interested in trying out the service.  This option is available at www.trygbnow.com.  Visit the site and select “Start My Free Trial.”  The next step is selecting a plan of which there are 3 available plans to choose from.  Each plan offers a monthly subscription fee and includes how many garment items you can have out at a time.  Here are the plans:

  • 1 Item Out-At-A-Time: $0 for the first 30 days then $49 per month
  • 2 Items Out-At-A-Time: $0 for the first 30 days then $69 per month
  • 3 Items Out-At-A-Time: $0 for the first 30 days then $95 per month

Each plan has the same features which are no contracts, no commitments, and subscribers can cancel at anytime.

How Gwynnie Bee Works

Customers are charged a one time fee per month depending on the subscription plan you signed up for.  The plans are structured as a separate fee for 1 item out at a time, 2 items out at a time, or 3 items out at a time.  The plans with more items out at a time are more expensive than the single item out at a time.

Whichever plan you sign up for you will be shipped that particular item or items and when you are done wearing those items you ship them back and you will receive another set from Gwynnie Bee in the mail afterwards.


With each item you receive you will receive a prepaid envelope to send the clothing items back in the mail after you’ve worn them.  It is not necessary to wash the clothes before sending them back if you don’t want to because Gwynnie Bee takes care of all the cleaning.  It can take approximately 2 days for them to receive back your clothes via mail and after processing you will be mailed back a different set of clothing items to wear.

If you’re wondering how much wear you will get in a month of your clothes you can potentially get 4 shipments of clothing items within the average month.  You will need to see if this is financially viable for you when you consider how much use you are getting out of the particular plan you signed up for.

GBNow Member Perks

Hassle Free Fashion:  Once you receive a clothing item you can wear it once or continue wearing it as long as you want.

Free Shipping:  Your selected clothing items are mailed to your free shipping and the clothes you send back are shipped free.

Unlimited Exchanges:  Members can send clothing items back are often as they wish.  With each shipment they receive there’s always postage-paid envelopes included.

Free Dry Cleaning:  Clothing is kept in pristine condition and laundered by Gwynnie Bee.

Purchases:  If you like an outfit and want to keep it then purchase it from your online closet at a discount

Some Clothing Brands Available:  Eloquii, Three Dots, BB Dakota, NYJD, Karen Kane, City Chic, Lucie Lu, AnnaScholz, Rachel Pally, and IGIGI

Gwynnie Bee will work wonders for some people depending on your situation and for others they may have a different perspective of it.  If you’ve tried the service and would like to leave feedback on how you liked it please leave your comment.  If you are interested in signing up visit their website at www.trygbnow.com.

Comments 38

  • This service is too expensive. I would consider two outfits a month for $50 but not one.

    • Is everyone here a complete idiot . Do people not now how to read ? You are not renting ONLY 1,2,3 articles of clothing for 49, 69, 95. You can get UP to 4 shipments per month. I repeat FOUR shipments a month. That means you are getting between 4- 12 Pieces of clothing PER month depending on your plan. You DONT need to keep the same thing the WHOLE month.

  • Sorry I need to correct my previous comment I was watching tv and did not read over it first. This is a great program but the prices are to expensive and you won’t own it please bring the prices down so more plus size women can afford to use your service imagine the profit you would still make.

  • Your fee is too much to rent clothing. The average women can find great quality garments at very reasonable,even discount prices everywhere. If your monthly fee were less or for at least 2 or more items, I would consider your company. Too much for too little, no thank you.

  • I think it’s a good concept but the flat rate is to expensive. I would be willing to try it,but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble.

  • I haven’t tried it yet but looking at the paid programming and reading over the info provided…. It is very expensive to sign up for this program! 3 items for $95 a month!! That’s not even 2 entire outfits! It makes no sense!! I’m very curious about the program just way too expensive!!

  • This program must be for higher middle class, the fees forbthebrentle clothing are excessive, three pieces for $95, I understand cleaning and shippihg are included but thats just a few bucks. IFI want to buy thats even extra but I get it as if they try it and love it, they will buy it. Great sales idea but you need to lower fees or add a few more pieces.

  • I saw the commercial and thought your concept was pretty cool. However, your fee is too high for one or two items. I am a shopper and can find clothing at a better price for more than one piece. You had me but then you lost me. I think you could still do one item at a time but Unlimited for $49.

  • I watched your commercial and was very excited about the concept. But the cost is just to expensive for my budget. Please consider lower your monthly fee.

  • I saw your infomercial this morning and became very interested. I just logged onto your site and I am sooo disappointed about the cost!!! way to expensive for a rental. Like someone else said if you could get 2 or 3 pieces for $49. it would be affordable to way more people. I sure wish I could afford

  • Looking at your ad rather pricey ,,,thought about trying your service but guess it was just a thought ??

  • Sounds good after watching info commercial. Checked site price seems high so I fear I’d not be able to afford to buy anything I really love.

  • I’m afraid that I have to agree with the other ladies and there reviews. I also saw the commercial and loved the concept of this program but it is way too expensive!! Only one garment for $49 a month, are you serious? That’s just not realistic for the average woman to be able to afford. Please either lower your prices or add a few more items? Thank you.

  • I agree with everyone else. Pricing is too high for renting. I feel the infomercial is mis-leading. Stated for a small amount. I can find things on sale without. Then buy later at discount….I bet that is still high.

  • Hi, this is the greatest ideal I have seen in a while. The clothes are beautiful and they look good on these plus size women, how awesome, Barbara in Summerville, S.C.

  • Ladies. I agree that the monthly fee looks really high at first. But the deal is to keep 1item at a time for $49. You can wear it one time & then exchange for one more. Don’t have to keep one item all month.

  • I agree with the other ladies,good concept high prices.

  • Way to expensive……I had to go with stitchfix. More affordable.

  • I saw your info mercial and thought ‘great’. But looking at the prices, well way to high for this girl and several of my friends thought so too. I do understand overhead but for us who have to work for a living just cant afford $50 a month and nothing to show for it.

  • From what i have read more women said it was too expensive then those who felt it wasn’t I am torn because i do think its a great concept even though i can switch an item out as much as i want but it is rather high for 3 pieces

  • Saw this offer on TV and I assumed it would be an entire wardrobe like at least eight items for less than is suggested on this web site. 3 items for 95$ is expensive! If am paying price per month I would want at least eight- ten items of clothing and exchange at least 3 items at a time. But 1 item at the price of 49$ does this mean I can exchange 1 item every day for the month which means at least 10-15 items within the month…

  • Way way to expensive for me would have loved to tried it, after watching your infor commercial got so excited but then went on your site and forget about it just can’t afford it sorry……

  • Before I try or use the Free Trial, how many outfits do one get per month. Also I am a disabled senior, on a low fixed income, have their been a considered rate for us . Planning a vacation middle of December thru second week of January 2017. Also how can one at least view some of your none plus fashions, and do you also have accessories (jewelry, belts, bags etc.). The total look?? Awaiting your response.

  • Too high for a lot of women, loved the idea but if you live paycheck to paycheck, too xpensive. I can buy 3 items for $50. Good idea but cannot afford 1 piece a month for $49.

  • Love the concept but way to expensive for me!

  • So iv been reading all these reviews and I am confused do i pay 49.00 a month receive an item wear it and send it back and get a new one as many times I want in a month for just 49.00 a month.Bonnie

    • Not sure why everyone thinks they get 1 item a month for $49. Yes you can buy an outfit for $49, but you can’t go back to the store to return it after wearing it once and exchange it for a different pieces, this states you can get an outfit, wear it, return it the next day and a few days later you get another one shipped to you. I imagine on the 1 at a time plan you could easily get 8 to 10 pieces a month if you send the items back quickly.

    • Hello, the thing says you would get one item for $49 but within that month you can send that item back and get something else. It’s not 1 item for one month. It’s 1 at a time and i think alot of women aren’t seeing that

  • I take my smartphone to my friend that lives twenty or so miles away from stores in the country she loves being able to shop with such a great variety and she has no vehicle to go to the stores so for the price it is great because of her inconveniences if she’s able to have everything taking care of by walking through our mailbox

  • I read this differently than most of these comments. I read: Out-At-A-Time, meaning you can wear it on Friday, return it on Monday and receive another to use be the next weekend. If you get 4 outfits a month its only an average of $12.50 per outfit. No laundry is a BIG plus as most of these cloths would probably need to be dry cleaned. It’s like Netflix and their movie rental program. I think I am gonna give it a try.

  • I’ve read all the comments and agree that it’s too expensive especiall for a senior on a fixed income. Low at that! What about accessories especially shoes? Reconsider your prices. Thanks! Barbara J. Charlotte, NC

  • Way over priced. Yes you can send it back and exchange it, but, it could take up to a week to do the total transaction. Don’t forget these are used, regardless if they’re dry cleaned. You can go to a thrift store and get a top or pants for $5 or less. Keep it or donate it and give someone else a great deal.

  • Love the tv advertising GB. I get the [email protected] time so yes! Wear it monday send it back tuesday and hopefully the next piece will be there by Friday so I can see getting 2 a week or 8 total if you do it right

  • I am another senior on a fixed income, this is way out of my range! And as for used clothes….. there are some really good consignment stores, that sell top labels and designers labels that are more affordable than these prices. What about having to get the clothes bagged up and dragged to the P.O. or the U.P.S. station. And then the mending of the articles. I had rather go to the consignments and own it take good care of it for a season and resell it. Somebody thinks we have more money than sense. Not in this economy!

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