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Gwynnie Bee is offering new customers the opportunity to try their subscription clothing rental service under a 30-day free trial at

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If you wear plus-sized clothing and have difficulty finding stylish clothing to wear to work or for nights out then Gwynnie Bee may be a clothing service you should consider.  GBNow is an online clothing subscription box service for women that wear sizes between 10-32.  The service allows subscribers to rent clothing for a flat monthly fee.  Members can select clothing they like, try it on, wear it, swap it out, or purchase clothing items.

Try Gwynnie Bee 30-Day Free Trial


Currently there is a 30-day free trial offer for new customers interested in trying out the service.  This option is available at  Visit the site and select “Start My Free Trial.”  The next step is selecting a plan of which there are 3 available plans to choose from.  Each plan offers a monthly subscription fee and includes how many garment items you can have out at a time.  Here are the plans:

  • 1 Item Out-At-A-Time: $0 for the first 30 days then $49 per month
  • 2 Items Out-At-A-Time: $0 for the first 30 days then $69 per month
  • 3 Items Out-At-A-Time: $0 for the first 30 days then $95 per month

Each plan has the same features which are no contracts, no commitments, and subscribers can cancel at anytime.

How Gwynnie Bee Works

Customers are charged a one time fee per month depending on the subscription plan you signed up for.  The plans are structured as a separate fee for 1 item out at a time, 2 items out at a time, or 3 items out at a time.  The plans with more items out at a time are more expensive than the single item out at a time.

Whichever plan you sign up for you will be shipped that particular item or items and when you are done wearing those items you ship them back and you will receive another set from Gwynnie Bee in the mail afterwards.

With each item you receive you will receive a prepaid envelope to send the clothing items back in the mail after you’ve worn them.  It is not necessary to wash the clothes before sending them back if you don’t want to because Gwynnie Bee takes care of all the cleaning.  It can take approximately 2 days for them to receive back your clothes via mail and after processing you will be mailed back a different set of clothing items to wear.

If you’re wondering how much wear you will get in a month of your clothes you can potentially get 4 shipments of clothing items within the average month.  You will need to see if this is financially viable for you when you consider how much use you are getting out of the particular plan you signed up for.

GBNow Member Perks

Hassle Free Fashion:  Once you receive a clothing item you can wear it once or continue wearing it as long as you want.

Free Shipping:  Your selected clothing items are mailed to your free shipping and the clothes you send back are shipped free.

Unlimited Exchanges:  Members can send clothing items back are often as they wish.  With each shipment they receive there’s always postage-paid envelopes included.

Free Dry Cleaning:  Clothing is kept in pristine condition and laundered by Gwynnie Bee.

Purchases:  If you like an outfit and want to keep it then purchase it from your online closet at a discount

Some Clothing Brands Available:  Eloquii, Three Dots, BB Dakota, NYJD, Karen Kane, City Chic, Lucie Lu, AnnaScholz, Rachel Pally, and IGIGI

Gwynnie Bee will work wonders for some people depending on your situation and for others they may have a different perspective of it.  If you’ve tried the service and would like to leave feedback on how you liked it please leave your comment.  If you are interested in signing up visit their website at

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