Invitation to Apply for HSBC Gold Mastercard

Consumers interested in applying for an HSBC Gold Mastercard can visit to apply online.  The offer to apply is exclusive to consumers that received a mailer advertising the credit card.  Applicants will need to review the mailer for their personal invitation code which is necessary to apply online.

HSBC Gold Mastercard Invitation Number invitation numberWhen applying via your HSBC invitation number please note it will speed up the application process.  Personal invitation numbers are personalized for each applicant and some of your credit information is attached to the number.  

As you begin completing the application you will notice some of the fields on the online application will be automatically filled.  For the most part you’ve been pre-approved for the credit card but will still need to apply just in case some information required has changed.

When you’ve found the invitation number enter it in the correct field on the invitation number field and select the red Proceed with your application button.  When applying you will need to enter some personal details:


  • Social security number
  • Address
  • Salary
  • rent/mortgage amount
  • Employer
  • Employment type

Ways To Apply For Credit Card

The online application process only takes a few minutes to complete and at the end you will receive an instant decision on your HSBC Gold Mastercard application status.  The instant decision is quick providing a response on your credit card acceptance including credit limit in under a minute . After getting approved your card is shipped out to your mailing address and you should have your new card within a few days.  

Apply by Mail

Applying online is quick and convenient for the average applicant but if you desire to apply by mail then use the paper application attached to your mailer.  Complete the entire form and mail it back to the address listed on your mailer.

Please note that there is no quick way to find out your acceptance using the mail.  You will have to consider the amount of time it takes for mail to travel and the processing time.  It can take up to 7 days before you will find out something.

Apply by Phone

Consumers can also apply by telephone.  Look for the telephone number on your mailer and call to speak with a customer service representative.  They can assist you with applying over the phone.

HSBC Gold Card Features

hsbc gold cardThis particular HSBC Gold credit card offers new customers a number of features that are enticing.  You will want to compare these perks with other credit card competitors.

Travel Benefits

  • MasterAssist provides pre-trip planning assistance, help with lost luggage
  • Master RoadAssist Roadside Services provides help in the event your car breaks down while traveling in the US
  • $1 million travel accident insurance

Shopping Benefits

  • Extended warranty doubles your original warranty up to 1 additional year
  • Purchase assurance covers most items from damage or theft
  • Price protection refunds the difference if you see an item advertised for less within 60 days of purchase
  • Identity theft resolution services provides one on one support in the event your identity is compromised


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