Zuru’s Air Chair – Air Couch for Beach and Camping Review

A better alternative to sit/lie on than a towel or chair on your next beach outing is the Zuru Air Chair – read this Zuru Air Couch Bed review.

On your next adventure to the beach or out camping leave your chairs at home and instead take the Zuru Inflatable Air Chair.  If you’re looking to relax and get the most out of your time outdoors the Zuru Air Couch provides comfortability that a chair and beach towel doesn’t.  It’s super easy to setup and can seat up to 4 people OR 1 person can lay on it like a bed.

There are lots of comparable fast inflatable air loungers to the Zuru Air Chair.  On Amazon.com the Emigoo Air Couch is highly recommended costing the same as the Zuru with over 20 customer reviews giving the product a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Click to Compare the Zuru with the Emigoo.

Zuru Air Lounger Features

Inflates in Seconds:  The Zuru Air Chair is so easy to inflate even a child can do it.  It doesn’t require any manual or electric air pumps to inflate the bag.  It simply fills with air as you wave it in the air.  Use both hands to grab the open end of the bag and wave it in the air.  Within seconds the bag captures air and you can seal it up, use the clamps, and sit comfortably on the bag.

How Long Stay Inflated:  The Air Chair will remain inflated up to 5 hours but the good thing is when you need to inflate it again it only takes a few seconds to recapture air.

Deflates in Seconds:  To deflate the bag unclip it, unroll it, unseal it, and on the opposite end begin rolling the air out of the bag.  It can be folded up real small and placed back in its carry bag for easy carrying and storage.  Doesn’t take up hardly any space.

Material:  The Zuru Air Chair is made of a strong, water resistant parachute material.  This type of material allows the bag to be soft and comfortable to sit on.  It’s also made to be placed on various types of surfaces such as uneven, wet, or soft surfaces.

Side Pocket:  On the side of the bag is a built-in side pocket to store your small valuable such as a wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.

One of the nuances with the Zuru Air Chair is when you order from their website at www.zuruairchair.com it states after ordering that it could take up to 25 days for standard shipping.  Shipping is $9.99 per order….so if you don’t want to wait that long to receive your order consider the Emigoo Air Couch from Amazon.com.  Click for Emigoo best pricing and product page.  With Amazon Prime you can receive the Emigoo within 2 days or less.

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