Outdoor Junkie Breezy Air Lounger Hangout Review

If you’re looking to purchase a portable inflatable air lounger this Outdoor Junkie Breezy Air Lounger review will help you save 50% off the retail price.

The inflatable air loungers have been hot items all year long and if you haven’t gotten your own yet consider the 50% discount offered at Outdoor Junkie for their Outdoor Junkie Breezy Air Lounger.  It’s regularly priced at $139.95 but for a limited time customers can receive it for half off for $69.95 HERE.  It comes in a variety of colors to choose from including red, purple, black, green, orange, blue, and dark blue.

There are lots of different ways people describe or call these air loungers such as inflatable hangout bean bags, air sleeping sofa, beach couch sofa, etc.  On Amazon.com the New Metal Inflatable Lounger is very comparable to the Junkie Breezy with over 40 customer reviews and a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.  With inflatable loungers customers are always concerned about the quality of the bag and how long it will hold air.  Click to Compare the Junkie Breezy and New Metal Inflatable Bags.

Outdoor Junkie Breezy Air Bag Features

Replace Chairs:  Transporting chairs on a beach or camping outing is always sort of awkward and you always need more than one for each person.  With the Junkie Breezy it’s so easy to carry in its deflated state inside its carry bag.  Once its inflated it can seat up to 4 people sitting across just like a sofa or 1 person lying long ways like a bed.

Inflate:  Inflating the bag is super easy and doesn’t require any tools whatsoever.  You only need to take the bag out of its carry bag.  Unfold the bag and grab its open ends with both hands.  With the bag open simply wave it sideways allowing it to fill with air then seal it off with the seal and clip.  The last step is to clamp down the bag and you now have an inflatable couch to lie on.

Deflate:  When you’re ready to go simply disconnect the clip, unseal the bag, and begin folding it up to release the air.  The folding process only takes a minute or so.

Weight limit:  The bag will hold up a capacity of 440 pounds.

Size:  79” x 28”

Material:  It is made of ripstop nylon fabric

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