MilTac LED Flashlight Review – Military Inspired Flashlight

This Militac LED Flashlight review will help you see how important it is for you to upgrade your old flashlights and replace with new Cree technology flashlights.

Miltac Flashlight Review

miltac flashlight review

Lots of newer tech flashlights have been released this year touting to be the most powerful self-defense flashlights ever made.  There is some truth to this when compared to the flashlights you may have in your home right now.  Flashlights like the Militac Tactical LED Flashlight are brighter and more durable with extra features that are helpful for different reasons.

The Militact Military Tactical Flashlight is inspired from military grade flashlights which are made tough and easily cuts through the darkness.  These types of flashlights with these features are carried by police officers, firemen, military professionals, etc.  With the Miltac Flashlight the public can now get their hands on similar technology.

MiTac Flashlight Features

Durable:  Constructed from aircraft aluminum light weight

Brightness:  Has super bright adjustable CREE XM-LT6 bulb with a lamp life of 100,000 hours

Zoom:  Can zoom from x2000, x1000, x500, x250, or x1

Batteries:  utilizes 3 AAA batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries that outperform the AAA batteries

Light Modes:  There are 5 light modes when using the MiTac flashlight which include high beam, low beam, medium beam, SOS, and strobe.

Weight:  the flashlight weighs 7 ounces and is small enough to comfortably fit in your hand

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Miltac LED Flashlight Pricing

The Miltac Flashlight has a regular price of $220 but is advertised online with a 75% discount which drops the price to $55 for one flashlight.  Customers that purchase more than one flashlight can take advantage of discounted pricing according to the list below, keep in mind also that shipping costs are included in the prices:

1 flashlight:  $55

2 flashlights:  $96

3 flashlights:  $132

5 flashlights:  $195

The price of 1 flashlight is $55 and if you purchase 2 flashlights the price is discounted to $96 which equals $48 per unit.  A cheaper alternative that is a better deal offered at is the 2 for 1 deal on Miuree Flashlights  You can get both for under $20.  If you’re concerned about over-paying for a flashlight consider the deal from Amazon and at the same time receive 2 flashlights.  Take advantage of the deal here!

The Miltac LED Flashlight is a good flashlight for someone looking for a premium flashlight, it all depends on what you’re looking for.  There are plenty of other flashlights that can do the job you’re looking for online for a cheaper price.

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