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Do you have a gas credit card in your wallet?  If not then you are not benefitting from the rebates and rewards that many gas cards are providing their customers.  The Valero Credit Card is a great starting point for customers who are interested in saving money on all their gas purchases.  If you’ve received a letter in the mail pre-qualifying you already for the card then you are one step away from being issued a Valero gas card.  Buying gas is a necessity for everyone who owns a vehicle so why not get something back at the pump through the use of the card.

For customers who have Valero gas stations in their area having a Valero card is a true benefit.  Customers who are accepted for the card will receive a savings up to 8 cents per gallon on fuel purchases.  If you have multiple cars in your household you can immediately begin to see the cost savings by using this card.  There are over 5,600 locations nationwide this card can be used at which expands your use of the card and your ability to earn rebates.

If you are interested in the pre-qualification offer then take the next step and complete the online application at  Customers can also complete the paper application they received in the mail or call the toll free number to apply by phone.  The online application is the quickest way to apply and receive a response on your acceptance as the process only takes a few minutes.  You will need to enter some basic personal information and wait for a decision.

Once you have been approved for an account and extended a credit limit your card will be immediately mailed out for you to begin using.  Your new card will not require an annual fee and you will have online access to monitor all of your gas transactions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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