Heartlandgiftcard Check Balance – Check Your Gift Card Balance

Gift cardholders can utilize the Heartland Payment Systems web portal to check their gift card balance and manage their account online.  The service allows members to view their available rewards details anytime of the day including making edits to their contact information.  It’s an easy to use service that is free and available 24 hours a day.

How to Check Heartland Gift Card Balance

Cardholders who frequently use their card are encouraged to register at the Heartland site which is a convenience for them as they can login from their home computer or mobile devices to easily check the status of their rewards/benefits card.  For others who may not use their card as much they can check their balance fast using the Check My Balance webpage found at (https://heartlandgiftcard.com/checkbalance.aspx).

Users will need to enter their card number along with their PIN number which both details are found on the back of their card.  When using your mobile phone to check your balance your account ID will be your mobile phone number.  The site again is easy to use and only takes a second to discover your current balance.

Another perk for cardholders who decide to go through the registration process is you will receive special offers throughout the year from the merchant you received your card from.  This is a great way to take advantage of extra discounts and exclusive deals.  If you’re interested in reloading your card the primary option is to visit the merchant and add funds to your card in person.

Any questions you may have about your gift card can be directed to Heartland via email at (heartlandmarketingsolutions@e-hps.com) or via phone at (1-866-402-8056).

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