Hey White Smile Review – Teeth Whitening Kit

HeyWhiteSmile is a new home teeth whitening kit that is very popular on Instagram.  Here is a quick Hey White Smile review that will give readers some insight on the product.

Hey White Smile

hey white smile review

Home teeth whitening kits became popular a few years ago and people are still interested in at home teeth whitening kits so they can accomplish and maintain a healthy white smile.  Because we take some many pics via our smartphones and upload them to social media having a nice smile is important to many of us.  This is why home teeth whitening kits remain so popular because we’re trying to enhance our appearance and look our best.

A very popular home teeth whitening brand that is popping up on Instagram and other social media websites is Hey White Smile.  Many celebrities and popular Instagram profiles are endorsing the product which is how many new brands go viral by having celebrities endorse their products to their millions of followers.

Most people will agree just because a celebrity endorses a product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great product.  You’ll want to do your research online and compare Hey White Smile with other popular home teeth whitening kits on sites like Amazon.com.  Amazon sells lots of teeth whitening products so check out their best-selling and top rated products along with reading the customer reviews so you can confidently buy a great product.

Hey White Smile vs Amazon’s #1 Best Seller

On Amazon.com the #1 Best Selling teeth whitening product is Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural Teeth Whitening.  This product has over 640 customer reviews and 89% of customers have given the product a 5 star rating.  It’s all natural which is comforting for customers.

Active Wow Charcoal Powder is also cheaper than Hey White Smile so visit their Amazon product page, read the customer reviews, and compare.  Visit their Amazon page here.

Where to Buy Hey White Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

Customers can visit www.heywhitesmile.com to shop for the right Hey White Smile whitening kit for you.  The website has a variety of different types of kits to choose from.  You will want to browse through the Features products and Best Selling products sections.  Their most popular kits along with prices are below:

1 person Hey White Smile Whitening Kit @ $34.99

2 person Couples Kit @ $59.99

Family 4 Package Kit @ $119

An individual kit consists of 2 gel teeth trays used for your top and bottom teeth, 1 LED ray light, 3 syringes, a manual, and teeth shade guide.  Each syringe holds 3 ml of the advanced whitening gel.

The only place online to purchase Hey White Smile teeth whitening kits is from their order website.  At the order site customers can also take advantage of their coupon code that takes up to $10 off the retail price of their order OR you can utilize the coupon codes advertised on an Instagram celebrity endorsers account.

How to Use Hey White Smile

Hey White Smile is designed to clean and remove stains on your teeth revealing their true whiteness and also making them brighter.  The instructions are to use the kit once a day for 20 minutes at a time.  Here are simple steps to getting started.

  • Before using the kit make sure your teeth are clean by giving them a good brushing. 
  • Using a syringe apply ¼ whitening gel onto each side of both mouth trays (for upper and bottom teeth).  Apply the gel in a way that it will cover the front of your teeth while avoiding your gums. 
  • Insert the mouth trays over your teeth and wipe away any gel that touches your gums.
  • Make sure the teeth whitening light has a battery installed and turn on the unit.  Press the start button and begin the 20 minute countdown as you place the light in your mouth over the trays.  Close your mouth to fit the tray.
  • After 20 minutes have expired rinse your mouth with warm water, clean your mouth trays, and repeat the procedure the following day. 
Does Hey White Smile Work?

Each Hey White Smile comes with a Teeth Shade Guide that allows you to track your teeth whitening progress.  You can refer to the guide to match the current shade of your teeth to the guide.  You can easily track how the color of your teeth have changed or are changing by the guide and thus see if Hey White Smile is working for you.

Because Hey White is a fairly new product there aren’t a lot of customer reviews to be found online.  If you are unsure about the product consider the popular choices on Amazon.com and see which home teeth whitening kits are the most popular amongst Amazon customers.

On Amazon.com the #1 Best Selling teeth whitening product is Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural Teeth Whitening.  This product has over 640 customer reviews and 89% of customers have given the product a 5 star rating.  It’s all natural which is a safer option for customers than using gels.  Visit their Amazon product page and purchase here.

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