NavTac Tactical Flashlight Review

This NavTac Tactical Flashlight review gives readers some insight into the popular NavTac Flashlight and where they can buy one.

NavTac Tactical Flashlight Review

Tactical flashlights are easily replacing our old bulky flashlights that require huge D sized batteries.  These flashlights are smaller and shine brighter than ever and people are making the switch to upgrade their entire set of flashlights.  A popular flashlight sold online that many people are switching to is the NavTac Tactical Flashlight.

The NavTac Flashlight is one of the many different brands of tactical flashlights that are advertised online.  People like the extra features tactical flashlights have which allows them to be Every Day Carry items because they’re small enough, they use AAA batteries or lithium ion batteries, they have self-defense features, and they have the brightest light beams to cut through the darkness.

NavTac Flashlight Features

Most tactical flashlights advertised online have similar features.  The NavTac is similar to the Shadowhawk X800 and others when you examine its design and the lumen bulb.  Both the Shadowhawk X800 and NavTac feature an XPE LED light bulb but the difference between the two is the Shadowhawk shines at 800 lumens and the NavTac shines at 1200 lumens.

The NavTac uses a 1200 lumen XPE Lighting Class Performance bulb which is noted as “one of the brightest and most powerful bulbs on the market.”  Customers enjoy these powerful flashlights as they can light up an entire backyard providing a sense of security.

navtac tactical flashlight


The outer cover of this flashlight is made from Aerospace grade aluminum which affords it to be lightweight and tough.  The outer cover and the inner parts of this flashlight are made of the same materials ensuring you will be able to enjoy the NavTac for years to come.  It will be able to withstand a fall and not crack into pieces.

Lighting Modes

There are 5 lighting modes that are available on the flashlight:  high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS.  You can scroll between each mode with the push of a button on the flashlight.  Because the flashlight is small and lightweight it doesn’t require the use of both hands to scroll between light settings.  You can use the hand that is holding the flashlight to push button between settings.

The strobe light setting is a self-defense method that is used in the event you’re being attacked or pursued, this setting can be used to shine into the eyes of the aggressor which will disorient them or temporarily blind them providing you enough time to get away.  The SOS feature is for emergencies such as a car breakdown at night.

Other Features

Like with any flashlight you can zoom in and out with the NavTac’s telescopic zoom.  It uses a telescopic focus that you can push the head up or down to zoom in on your target from 1X to 2000X.  This product is produced in the USA and uses 3 AAA batteries.

Where to Buy NavTac Flashlight

Customers can purchase this flashlight online at where you can receive a discount the more you order.  One flashlight is priced at $56 per unit but if you purchase more than one the price reduces.  There is a price list available at the online website but here is a quick price chart:

Buy 3 get 2 free at $29 each = $145

Buy 2 get 1 free at $39 each = $117

Buy 2 flashlights = $97

Buy 1 flashlight = $56

Navtac Flashlight Alternatives

navtac tactical flashlight review

The NavTac is a newly advertised tactical flashlight that is competing with other flashlights that have been on the market for a while.  If you’re wanting to compare this flashlight with others before you buy consider visiting where you can read customer reviews about popular flashlights.

A comparable flashlight to the NavTac in price is the Anker Bolder that offers 1300 lumens with 5 light modes.  It is cheaper than the NavTac and has over 120 customer reviews on Amazon.  Amazon customers gave the product a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with 83% of customers rating the flashlight 5 stars.  Visit the Anker Bolder product page and purchase here.

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