Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop Review

This Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop review will show readers why they should go out and get their own over the door Tekk Monster Jam Mini Hoop.

nate robinson mini basketball hoop

Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop

Having an over the door basketball hoop has always been a favorite fun thing for kids to have in their room or even for men to have in their office.  The old basketball hoops stuck to the door and you couldn’t really dunk in them too hard without it falling down.  The new over the door basketball hoops have changed especially with the popular Nate Robinson TEKK Mini Hoop.

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The TEKK Mini Hoop is named after professional basketball player Nate Robinson who is the NBA’s first 3 time slam dunk champion.  The TEKK Mini Basketball Hoop and Nate Robinson is a perfect collaboration because Nate is small of stature measuring at 5 ft 9 inches tall and for a guy his height to accomplish the task of winning the NBA slam dunk contest 3 times is quite the accomplishment and gives kids the inspiration to desire to dunk even if it’s only in their room.

TEKK Monster Jam Mini Hoop – Hang on the Rim

The Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop has been designed with a more sturdy and durable build that will allow you to dunk with force and even hang on the rim for a lil while.  No more dunking and the entire rim falls to the floor but instead you can continuously dunk and nothing breaks while the rim snaps back into place.

It’s as close as dunking like the pro’s as you’re going to get.  The actual rim closely resembles a college basketball level or professional basketball level rim.  It utilizes a cutting edge spring technology that allows the rim to bounce back into place after a thunderous dunk.

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So you don’t have to worry about breaking the rim, shattering the backboard, or the rim bending.  It’s built tough and can withstand a pounding.

The very appearance of the TEKK Monster Jam Mini Hoop is appealing as it has a fiberglass like backboard that is shatterproof.  The actual rim that is attached to the backboard is thicker and stronger than most other mini hoop designs.

Where Can I Buy the Nate Robinson TEKK Mini Hoop?

The TEKK Mini Hoop is available on Amazon for a great deal.  Amazon offers customers 2 different backboard sizes to choose from which are the 12×18 inch OR the 18×24 inch.  Each backboard is constructed with 0.25 thick shatterproof polycarbonate which is twice as thick as its competitors.

tekk monster jam mini hoop

Also included in each package is the actual hoop, door bracket, mini basketball, and parts/accessories (brackets, screws, rim, basketball pump, basketball net, ball).

It is rated to hold up to 180 pounds for lil guys that like hanging on the rim after they’ve dunked the ball.  The installation process takes between 10 to 20 minutes depending on how good you are with following instructions.

On the Nate Robinson Monster Jam Mini Hoop is a popular seller and has over 180 customer reviews.  Customers that want a 2nd opinion can visit the reviews section of Amazon and read what customers are saying.  It has received a 5-star rating from 72% of the Amazon reviewers.  Visit Amazon to read the reviews and purchase online.

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