Infosync Ultipro Login – Employee Register and Sign In

The Infosync UltiPro Self Service Payroll website is a secure online site for employee’s to access their company payroll information at  The site is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week for employee’s to login and view their time clock data along with company benefit information.  

Infosync provides employee’s this self service portal to be able to manage their own payroll information independently without depending on a payroll department to keep track of everything.

How to Login Infosync Ultipro Home

infosync payroll

To access your timesheets and paystub info employees will need their login credentials (User Name and Password) from their employer.  This information should be provided to you by management or your HR Department.  The next step is to visit the Infosync Ultipro Login page and enter in your login info.  Your first time signing on to the site and afterwards you’ll be able to change your password.  

Password Retrieval Steps

Just in case you’ve forgotten your password before contacting your HR/IT department consider using the “forgot your password” link on the homepage.  It will allow you to reset your password, here are simple steps that are required:

  • Click Forgot your Password link
  • Enter your User Name
  • If you’ve received an Access Code or Reset Link enter your User Name and Access Code info

The Ultipro homepage is very simple for employees to access, just enter your username and password to sign on.  Users can logon from their home computer, public computer, mobile devices, or smartphones very easily.

InfoSync Payroll Functions

Once logged into the InfoSync Payroll system employee’s can view and manage all of their time clock information, personal profile info, print out reports, view benefits, and more.  All of your timesheet information is available for viewing including hours worked, overtime hours, wage, deductions, tax info, and more.  This online system is great for employees to monitor on a daily basis their payroll information to ensure they are paid accurately and to catch any mistakes before payroll is processed.

Employees can also view past pay periods by selecting the Calendar option and selecting the time period worked.  Any questions you may have about your time can be quickly accessed and reviewed from the Infosync sign in.  This information can be viewed on the screen or printed out in detail.

Viewing Ultipro Paystub Online

When it’s time to get paid employees will receive their paystub via the Ultipro paycheck stub login instead of an actual paycheck in the hand.  Most employees will have already signed up for direct deposit so you can login to your account to view your actual paystub.  It’s an electronic version instead of a paper copy but you’ll still have the option to print it out if necessary.

It is a good idea for employees to ensure all of their personal information stays current and correct including your address, phone numbers, dependent information, emergency contacts, W-4, etc.  This information is visible by your Human Resources department and is important for record keeping.  In case you or someone on your emergency contact list needs to be contacted the information in your file via Infosync ultipro sign in will be relied on so it needs to be accurate and up to date.

To keep your account secure and safe at all times it is necessary that you always logout when you are finished with your session.  The information shared is sensitive company info that does not need to be left unsecure particularly if you are accessing it from a public computer.  Always ensure that you’ve logged out of your Ultipro pay stub log in when you’re finished.


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